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Actually if these pictures have been freely available on the internet, Victor might not even be the model from the Igor Pronin advertisements. It could be anybody.


The photos were adding a lot of excitement and life to the discussion though. confused.gif
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Originally Posted by kevinsp8 View Post


All of which can be viewed at any time by going to Igor Pronin's promotional blog.



That is one purpose, but another purpose is to learn from one another... and to have fun.


And baby, am I having fun tonight!


Oh, and I don't recall you ever offering me any useful, constructive criticism; please share if you have anything more insightful to say than 'you suck'.

Look man, you look so awful that there's no constructive advice to be given other than "start over". Also before you accuse me of being a homophobe like you did to a few posters some pages back, that has nothing to do with it. Look at socal2nyc or fuuma. They dress alternatively and flamboyantly, but with style, so they are valuable contributors to this forum/thread.
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LOL at sellahi22 suggesting Kevin look to Socal2NYC for sartorial tips. Motherfucker wore a skirt and an eyepatch in a single outfit rotflmao.gif
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Originally Posted by UrbanComposition View Post

Epic reveal. Pretty hilarious, actually.
wow..Epic indeed...
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Originally Posted by MagicalPanda View Post

This is amazing.

Definitely.That vest victor is wearing is one of the coolest ones i've ever seen.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Kevin, you may yet be as classy as James Bond, but as far as spy-ness is concerned, you icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif .
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What's the big deal here? We have poster boys for RL, Panta, the London House, Neopolitan artesans, P. Johnson, and Armoury. If somebody discovers they have been paid / given discounts by the said firms to send their pictures here, I wouldn't give a shit.
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Wow, this is a fun conversation.
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If anyone has questions I can answer any of them.

Ask questions directly, it's better than listening to gossip and jealous fools and false conclusions.

And for the words I can answer at least in person at the meeting, even before God!

What I can do my envious and malevolent. rotflmao.gif

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I'm with Victor on this. Please continue sending your pics (perhaps without the shouting-out-loud pics / the Ronin tag, however) as your appearance has revitalized this thread quite considerably.
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By the way some of my photos there is not a single thing from Pronin.

I wonder what they think about these photos envious?

I guess that I advertise as Ralf Lauren, Armani, Dunhill, Brioni, Kiton, Berliti, Finamore, C & J, Saint Crispin, Church and much more?

What silly conclusions! rotflmao.gif

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I hate to stir up shit but i was going through the Pronin blog and on page 44 it says that Viktor is a client, just thought I'd say that.
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