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Originally Posted by wilson brother
Well the Dude might just be a character from a film but the Guy isn't

-Danny Wilson
good one!
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my girlfriend used to call me girth brooks
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3 nickanames that I've had since h.s.

c0ck-i loathe this one
the jew
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All throughout highschool, pretty much everyone called me Mooney which is my last name. I guess it's not really a nickname but that is what I was known by for a while.
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Mine was always Bones, due to my skinny physique. Most of the guys who called me that haven't seen their dick in five years.
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GREAT necropoast!!!
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Especially since he already posted his tree nicks.

By the way, A couple of the Americans I met were curious as to my nicknames and wanted to call me Mr. T or T-bone, I'm guessing the stories behind Thomas' nicks are that he also has a name that starts with a T.

- T-Bone
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I knew a guy that told everyone to call him Brody for like 5-6 months.  He was a tool and we all sure did laugh at him.

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