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A cool nickname

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Does anyone on the forum have a cool nick name in real life?

I would like to start using The Guy and wondered what you guys think ?

-Danny Wilson
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I am usually the one to issue nicknames but do not have one myself. Ones that Stuck to people through College: Slippers/Higashi Otoko Real name J. Eastman Reason for nick: He wore slippers nearly every day for a year (including in the shop). I called him slippaz while playing HackySack because his slippers kept on coming off. Higashi Otoko is a rough translation of his last name into Japanese. Rookie, The Rook, Stoopid Rookie, Ruke Real Name: Escapes me at the moment Reason for Nick: He was the youngest guy to ever join the TTEN program at my first college. Being as he was the youngest and didnt even have his driver's license yet I called him Rookie Bitch (I was a Senior). It more or less stuck to the point that even my teacher called him Rook. Chewbacca Real Name: Chris C. Reason for Nick: Huge guy, probably 6'4" 250lbs, Hairy, and had a very deep voice that was often hard to understand. There have been more throughout the years but I forgot them.
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Well... I like Tokyo Slim. Steve B calls me "daddy" or "boss" or "God of Fantasy Football" People in the Seattle rock scene know me as "The Ninja". "The Guy" is pretty generic. I like it.
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Usually, nicknames are given to you by other people. You don't give yourself nicknames.

I've variously been called "Sharkey" by my high school friends and "JA" by my surfing buddies back on Nantucket.

I think "The Guy" is a good nickname for Wilson Brother because he's an admirer of The Dude.
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I've had a couple of nicknames, none of them particularly cool, that stuck over the years, but most of them were, for better or worse, generally accurate.

I agree with Nantucket that nicknames are usually assigned rather than assumed--generating one for yourself smacks of trying too hard--but I kind of like "The Guy," even if it is derivative.
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I was the "Blowfish" when I was on the wrestling team in high school. When I put my headgear on, my short and spikey hair stuck out like a blowfish.
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Mine at my soccer team is "The Jackal".My name is Carl,so Carlos then Carlos the Jackal,now "The Jackal" which I quite like.
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Thou shalt not christen thyself. Nicknames are not subject to self-manufacture.

That said, I have over the years been called
Sweet T,
Mr. T.

by various and sundry colleagues at my previous and current workplaces. Each name has a story (not always a good one).
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since my first name is relativly uncommon, I haven't really had a nickname most of my life - people have known me by my first name. In the army I was known my my call sign for a year or two - the equivelant of the sargent of B "E" company being called "echo".

for about 5 years, in one company I worked for, I was called "Kozak" - the hebrew prononciation of Casack - and a play on Zach.
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Originally Posted by wilson brother
I would like to start using The Guy and wondered what you guys think ?

You can't give yourself a nickname. Somebody else has to give it to you.

It's like George Costanza... he wants people to call him T-Bone, but people call him Coco instead.

Temporary nicknames that haven't lasted include Golden Boy and The Dealmaker.
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My nickname is stazy. It's an abreviated and funky version of my long, unique family name. I like it.

You can't give yourself a nickname.
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Most people just call me "B"
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A number of my friends really do call me "Sauce", shortened from "Saucemaster". My old college roommates and I were watching Delicatessen, and at some point someone on screen was referred to as "Saucemaster" (according to the subtitles), and for whatever reason, probably having to do with alcohol, it stuck.
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My nickname is Stu.
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A guy called me A-Train once, in reference to my short career as a stripper:

"Man, I'm gonna start calling you A-Train. Most trains slow down when they run off the tracks, but not you!"
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