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I sent a e-mail directly to his e-mail address attached to his PP account with no response either. I am completely understanding of peoples life situations, but communication is the key. He specifically asked me in our last communication if I wanted a refund or another tie and I stated refund and he disappeared after that. Not responding to e-mails or PM's.
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I hope this resolves itself in the best way possible for all parties concerned. I have bought several items from Tony in the past -- while they may have been slow to ship at times, I've always received them.
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If Tony were more responsive, myself and others would not have felt it necessary to file pp claims.
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Received my pants today. Thank you!
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Well, although I've not heard from him in awhile, my pants did arrive yesterday! I will now close my paypal claim.

Good luck fellas...
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Originally Posted by Ebonyman View Post
Well, although I've not heard from him in awhile, my pants did arrive yesterday! I will now close my paypal claim.

Good luck fellas...

I got my ties today, I am too lazy to submit the claim....
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Wow. Well I am happy you guys did receive your items you ordered. I was told mine was stolen. I think the general theme is if he would have communicated the status or anything we wouldn't be talking about this at all. Saying nothing or responding to no inquiries was a horrible way to handle things. I still have no tie, no refund, and no response. Happy for you guys that did receive your items though.
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Also received the items today. A little later than I would have liked, but given the circumstances, understandable. Tony did email / pm me a couple of times through the process with updates, so I felt relatively comfortable that it was simply a matter of when and not if. And the ties are terrific.
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got my refund today.
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I understand the post expressing fustration and distrust. I would feel the same way. But, I wouldn't stiff anyone. I would rather replace a purchase, or refund, or provide something free of charge as I did with Ebonyman. I am a easy going, flexible person. And I own up to something I did wrong. And I wasn't avoiding emails. I was staying with my mother after I got robbed, and the internet access is 8 miles away. So, I couldn't update as frequently as I should, and shipping proved to difficult because I couldn't pack all of my equipment and cloths in my 2 door car. So, I didn't have a printer, and the only place to print is 30 miles away in Boumont, TX. I eventually purchased a portable printer so I print labels.

While all of this may sound far fetched. It is the truth. I wouldn't put forth the effort to apologize and explain myself if I was not being forth right and acting in good faith. I was told by my soon to be wife your actions speak louder than words in the end. And that's true.

I apologize for the very long delay. And this is not how I do business. If there is a problem I will try to resolve it. In the future I will post a phone number in invoices so that buyers can contact me directly instead of depending on email communication if there is an issue.


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