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Originally Posted by myztikal47 View Post
Which AE shoes did you try on? I tried the strands and it seems that even AEs shoes fit different depending on the style.
I tried on the McClain's and Augusta which were the only one's they had in that size and I felt like they were really big as well. I eventually got the Park Ave's, which are supposed to be the same last as the Strand and Fifth Aves, in my regular size of 8D (I had gotten a good deal on ebay). They do have a little bit of room width-wise but they still feel a lot better than the 8.5Cs that I had tried on. I'm looking to get the Strand's eventually as well so I think I'm going to go for an 8C next time. For what it's worth, I did email allen edmonds and the lady did tell me that the 7 (I think) last is their longest; so, to echo what others have said, the room in front of the toes probably shouldn't be relied on too much as a measuring stick.
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Originally Posted by ktrp View Post
I'll also note that I've generally found athletic shoes require a larger size (for me) then dress shoes, and that cheap brands I require a larger size then more established ones.

I look forward to your advanced noob question next month on how to calculate your estimated size in UK brands that you want to ship.

LOL, why wait till next month? Why not just answer it now and save everyone the frustration of me making a new thread ?
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OP, This might be worth reading. http://www.aldenshoe.com/q1.htm
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