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Is this suit outdated?

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I don't really have an eye for this stuff yet, but I'm gathering that jackets with 3-buttons and short lapels are a bit '90s looking. Opinions?
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it looks a bit dated to me, but i'd wait for some of the pros for a definite answer.
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Yeah, 1990s seems about right.

And very fashion forward in the late 1980s.
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Hard to imagine that suit was ever in style. 3-button with a lower stance/roll are a timeless classic. (See J press) But those stripes are atrocious.
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To be honest that doesn't look all that bad. I see some fairly recent stuff that looks almost identical to that.
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No, the suit doesn't seem old and dated.

Yes, 2 buttons are hot right now, not 3 buttons. I'm looking at, instead, the gorge and it's fairly high wheareas 1990s 3 buttons jacket featured a much lower button stance; plus, the palcement of the notch in the lapels seems about right for current suits. Suits from the 90s featured a very low notch placement.

Also, 90s suits had very broad shoulders whereas the shoulders on this one don't seem to be football player wide.
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I'm no expert, but I generally think 3 button suits look awful unless you are very tall (6'2+).
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It looks like a classic 3-button suit. I'm not seeing anything there that screams 90s. The fabric says 70s to me, but the lapels are too narrow for that. Just don't button the top button, only the middle.
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Style is fine, but if that suit has working (or even fake) buttonholes it's been irreparably fucked up by the way the sleeves were shortened.
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Very much so - an abomination today.
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I did a bit more research on the suit. It's Z.Zegna, made in Mexico. That means it came out some time after 2004, according to the fashion model directory. I don't know why the buttons are close to the cuff, as the sleeves are still 26", according to the ebay listing for the sale of this suit.

I dunno. I could use a navy suit, but with this pattern (which I do like) it doesn't quite fit the bill. I'll probably pass on it.
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It's not the lapels or the button stance that't the problem here; it's simply a horrible looking suit. The pinstripes are awful.
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Is it the latest thing? No.

Are the pinstripes sober enough for an international diplomat? No.

But it doesn't look bad.

Z Zegna is the trendier Zegna line, so cuts and fabrics are a bit more fashion-y. But the suit is still serviceable.

In sum, it's fine.
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Don't remember the last time suits can be outdated...It's a great Blazer Bro, and it's in Navy is something you can never go wrong with...
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outdated or not, its hideous
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