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Hello all, I just visited Century 21 today in Morristown NJ. It was there grand opening. I noticed two pairs of sunglasses that I looked pretty decent. One was CK and the other Kenneth Cole. I wanted to know as to the 'legitness' of these sunglasses. They were priced at $20.00 ... the material didn't seem bad, but they didn't seem anything great. Are these legit sunglasses, or would you put them in the same category as the guy you see selling $200.00 Oakley's for $15.00. ? ps - Out of all their merchandise.. I think the stuff from Italy had the most style to it <-just my .02
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For $20 each, you can hardly go wrong, even if they are fake - as long as you like the look. Almost all designers license their name to eyewear, so all the production is farmed out, which can account for variations in quality somewhat.
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As far as i know Century 21 is all real stuff, just tremendously discounted. However I am suspicious of all the merchandise having passed inspection at the manufacturer's factory. Some of the stuff there looks really defected. I don't know if this is because of careless shipping or if it's really jacked stuff. I try not to shop there because I'm a big snob , but each time I go, I can't resist buying at least one item. It certainly not a place thats reliable for all you waredrobe needs; rather great for staple items such as socks, belts, underware, undershirts, ties, ect... Surprisingly I did buy a gorgeous Valentino suit there for $250 .
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Century 21 is a discounter like Loehmann's. They sell authentic merchandise from past seasons, from a variety of sources, generally overstock and closeouts. As in all forms of bargain hunting, you have to be a more discriminating shopper than at a high-end store, where collections have already been edited by fairly knowledgeable people. If you go to a discounters, and buy based on labels and price only, you're very likely to walk out looking like last year's fashion victim - nearly the only thing worse than being this years fashion victim. Although with some of the rather poor renditions of the hippie look this season, that may be hard to do. Scientist have recently discovered that exactly 0.01% of the male population look good in drapey silk tunic shirts open to the navel.
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