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They should allow you to arrange your own shipping.
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This forum includes a technologically advanced innovation called a search function. Use it before posting to ensure that you are not boring other forum members with repeat content.
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I hate when people add the huge shipping price!! It makes you look like a idiot!!
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Well, aside from dodging is means to dupe buyers. Quite often people just see the price of the item and hit it, not noticing the shipping. So, they think they are getting a shirt for a dollar, and then realize they are going to have to pay $200. I speak from experience.

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Originally Posted by agavilanes View Post
What do you guys think of this selling strategy?

Thom Browne Rugby shirt. BIN for USD 1

...but USD 199 S/H

Good idea or epic fail?
$199 for shipping and the insurance is optional?
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How about a Rolex Presidential $1, shipping $100,000
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Not to mention getting a refund for returning an item - minus shipping fees!
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In general, I will never purchase anything on those terms. I find it ridiculous and it insults me as a customer. When I see those auction, I automatically skip them.

If one wishes to sell an item for no less than $200, then state the price honestly and let the market tell you if you are in the correct range.

I find many sellers on ebay can't be arsed to do any real research on the real market value of an item and that bothers me. Any time I have sold there, I do my research, set my initial price slightly below what I would find fair, and let the buyers decide. When something is too expensive, people simply won't buy it. Where is the benefit for either party in that?
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I too skip these auctions. I do think that these sellers are banking on the fact that someone will just click BIN and pay anyways. There was a seller from near where I live that did this. I said that I would buy it and then come pick it up. never did get a response.
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