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Where to buy slim fit blazer? Preferably in Toronto or online

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Hey I'm in Toronto too - from my research if you're a tall and skinny your best bets are Club Monaco and Zara on sale. Further alterations may be needed - check out those stores
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might check hm or uniqlo as well.
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Thick as thieves. Go with the navy flannel, patch pockets, horn buttons.
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A decent quality slim items can be found on the cheap on cbunitedstyle.com. I think the clothing is made in china (like everything this days) but quality is on pair with zara IMO
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Originally Posted by about11oclock View Post
might check hm or uniqlo as well.

Yeah, we don't have Uniqlo in Toronto. H&M or Zara is probably the best bet.
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Might also try GotStyle, but you'll be on the upper end of your budget there. Good selection of modern, slim fitting duds there though.
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Boomer on Queen St W has a lot of slim fit stuff. That's pretty much all they have actually.


Check it out, pretty reasonably priced as well!
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I have a few sz 36 blazers for sale.........PM me!
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iroh, Why don't you try the Holt Renfrew outlet at Vaughan Mills? It's a bit of a hit-and-miss up there, and whilst they've a limited selection for men as compared to women, there are wonderful bargains to be had. They carry all the major designers of course, and at your price range, you could easily pick up any of them--or even 3--since they're discounted at up to 90-percent off retail, at times, assuming that you can find your size. Other major designers are also up there, including Boss (note: I loathe recommending designers in general, being over-priced for what you get, but a Boss at 99 bucks isn't exactly over-priced, assuming once again it's sale time, and they have your size, etc.). You'll also find H&M, Winners (Canada's version of Marshall's), Banana Republic (I think), among so many other outlets up there, all at deep discounts. You might also try the Marshall's chain, which is now in Toronto. Again, like Winner's, it's a hit-and-miss, but they carry RLPL, etc., or so I understand. In terms of tailoring, keep in mind that it's not a big deal for experienced tailors and/or seamstresses to take in a jacket, provided it fits you well in the shoulders, etc. Sleeves can likewise be adjusted. As to your budget, don't be so quick to rule Rosen out; if you're willing to double your budget, you might be able to pick up a Coppley or even a Samuelson when they're having a sale--they've some nice slim fitting suits, and Samuelson is quite nice, really (i.e., canvassed, not fused). From memory, I think Samuelson runs about 1200 for a suit reg price, about 900 or less on sale, but that's for the whole suit--and during a trunk sale, can have one made-to-measure for a very affordable price and far better quality than "designer". If you're ok with used, might even do a search here on the B&S boards--you never know, and worth looking into, I think. Otherwise, I highly recommend Vaughan Mills; an Armani blazer can be had sometimes for as little as 99 bucks. I kid you not: check it out, but remember it's a hit-and-miss up there, as noted. Cheers, Avocat. EDIT: here's a link to Vaughan Mills for you, which includes a mall directory: http://www.vaughanmills.com/ Enjoy!
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^^ where are you getting these prices. HB for $99. Coppley and Samuelsohn for a $200 budget? I picked up a Coppley sport coat a couple of years ago for $220 but that was a rare sale.
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Rooster, if you read my post, you will note that I specifically told him he might want to consider doubling his budget re: Rosen, though as you yourself just noted, there are sales (i.e., a blazer within his budget, exactly, and it does happen)

All fun aside, you yourself need to check out Vaughan Mills; a friend of mine returned with 2 Armani blazers, and a HB blazer for about 100 each (pre-tax). I couldn't believe it myself, so went up to Vaughan (this was during their post-boxing day sale), and sure enough: everything was indeed on sale. It's worth calling up the store, I think, and asking them about their sales (they won't necessarily tell you what they have, stock changing over quickly, but they will tell you if there's a sale going on, and what it is, right?

Recently, I received an email re: spring cleaning sale, but don't know if it's still going on at this time (you can get on Holt's list, just add your email etc. at the Holt Outlet, not the Holt's retail stores themselves but the actual outlet, and they'll give you a heads-up when they're having a sale); basically, when a sale goes on there, they discount up to 90 percent off that which has already been discounted. Of course, it's not every day and all the time, but well worth the drive to check it out, I think. Just sayin, that's all ....

EDIT: just noticed you're from Cowtown---I've a friend, a female attorney who moved back west (she got homesick), though flies in a couple times a year to shop the Holt Outlet. Just a thought, but yeah, retail prices out west .... hear you, I really do.

Oh, one last thought, as it relates to the online shopping portion of the question, might try Yoox.com which ships to Canada. Their CDN site is connoted in loonies, and their final prices on checking out also include taxes and duty such that there are no surprises and/or any other calculations involved, which is nice. Of course, can't try anything on before-hand, but if you know exactly what you want, it's good stuff, really. Hope this helps.
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hmmm, in town. Either go with something like H&M, Club Monaco, Zara, or Banana Republic... at the next level go to a place like GotStyle, Boomer, etc.
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