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I will upload a pic or two this weekend. I couldn't get great pics together, but they will give you a good idea about fit. i definitely looked better than most. it wasn't hard considering almost everyone was either in a rental or an old tux that no longer fit. i think i obsessed way too much about everything, though.
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Suspenders are great. Leave a little looseness on your belt line and your shirt stays beautifully flat.
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I prefer braces myself but suspenders are customary to be worn unless the pants have side tabs for adjusting and absolutley no belts. any decent tux will not have belt loops anyways.
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suspenders ftmfw
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I just inherited my father's vintage tuxedo - it's gorgeous.  The suspender buttons are on the outside, which I find a bit curious.  Was that common in the 1960s?   

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Yes. You would have been assumed to be wearing a vest. With a tuxedo you shouldn't be taking your jacket off, so it's not a big deal.

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Oh yes, of course.  Was just wondering if it was an unusual set up - most tuxedos I've seen/worn had them on the inside.  

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By the way, anyone know the deal is with "braided ends" on braces - versus leather?  More comfortable?  More elegant?  It's hard to believe their as durable?  

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Originally Posted by Mac View Post

Always wear suspenders (braces). If you can I would return that 'tux' for a one button, peak lapel—it's more correct.


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Originally Posted by marg View Post

no cummerbund. not a fan. i just wanted to keep it simple.

No cummerbund or vest?

Go to double breasted tux.



I think that this modern hate for cummerbunds is because this garnment today  is cut ugly.

A good cummerbund should be cut to be invisible whit the coat buttoned (same for the vest,obviously).

The pleats of cummerbund should be upwards (so you could put a buisness cards or tickets inside).

Some cummerbunds have inside on the front one or two burnished snap fastner for anchor the garnment to the trousers.

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Where do I find a vest that is invisible with the tuxedo buttoned?  I'd be looking for a u-shape vest right?  

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Yes,the right vest for a tuxedo is a "U" shape vest.

Brooks Brothers make a decent vest.


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Wrong (and horrible) !







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