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I just like to go to the gym, gives me something to do and fills the time.
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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post
I train MMA so mine is to relieve stress from work. There's nothing better to relieve stress than getting to punch someone else in the face.

Originally Posted by fuji View Post
I'm just gonna be honest. So I look better so I can get with more girls. Also I do enjoy strength training just because its fun. I should probably switch to some hypertrophy program, but I like strength training so much more.


But i like to look better for both myself and for the girls I guess.
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Improves chick attraction
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1) running is one of densest (stress relieving)/(time spent) activities.
2) look better. very important, shows motivation, confidence, self-respect. good for girls and career.
3) makes me better at flag football and basketball which I play with friends for fun.
4) running with girls, physical activity increases attraction.
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I'm over 50 so health really is my first concern. My second reason is I want to keep doing the things I like to do like climb and hike. After that it's all for vanity's sake and getting me some.
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for those claiming to be fit,

are you chiseled (well defined musculature) or are you just NOT FAT?
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Originally Posted by SladeDT View Post
because it's harder to be vain if you're a fat bastard.


I do crossfit so I can look at cute girls with great asses in spandex.
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Originally Posted by lee_44106 View Post
for those claiming to be fit, are you chiseled (well defined musculature) or are you just NOT FAT?
I wouldn't say I'm cut to pieces but that's not my goal anyway.
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to feel better
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I've always been very active since an early age, and I just don't feel well when I'm a couple of pounds heavier than when I exercise. That and the fact that working out gives me a competitive advantage in the sports I play. Vanity has never really been on my mind since I've always been in good shape.
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used to be chubby; never again never again! but honestly, running & going to the gym, you look better and feel better. we're animals! it's trite for a reason; head pounding, all those endorphins.... probably the closest to spirituality i'll ever get.
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To stay healthy,
To get active,
To look smart,
To adopt fashion,
To be attractive,
To get rid of expensive medicines.
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1) health 2) another narcissistic tendency of mine 3) strive for perfection 4) to look good in my clothes/style reasons 5) stress relief 6) fat people suck
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I love zoning out on a long run. It's like healthy valium.
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1) Health as a fifty something I need to other wise I just fall over 2) keeps the black dog at bay 3) It makes me feel good 4) a way to unwind and it allows me to catch up on radio pod casts I have missed I try to maintain at least 4-5 sessions of 45min-1hr a week
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