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Comment on my new Nudies please

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Hey guys, so I've finally bought a good pair of jeans for the first time in my life !!! What do you guys think about the fit of it? Should I hem it or just roll it up or leave it like in the photo? Thanks!!!

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If you want to hem them right away, I would soak them first. Otherwise I would cuff them and see how much they shrink after the first wash. From the photo it looks like there is at least three extra inches, and if that's the case they definitely won't shrink that much. Other than that they look great, congrats.
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looks good. I'd leave em alone for now. those dry black Slim Jims?
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I'd leave them as-is, they fit nicely.
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Shrink first, then leave as it. Looks like a good fit anyhow. Welcome to the addiction.
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im not a big fan of the cuff so I would leave them as is, they look good. If you do decide to soak them, they will probably shrink 1-1.5" in length which wouldn't hurt. If they do end up shrinking too much, you could always stretch them back out when damp.
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Butter baby. Pure butter.
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Don't hem them. Soak em I'd say.
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Thanks guys, I got addicted ever since I saw the pictures of you guys wearing dry jeans The inseam is 4 inches more than what I normally wear(30). I'm starting to like the bunching up idea now so I'll leave the inseam intact for now By the way do I have to worry about them stretching too much? What's the point of washing the dry jeans?
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I say leave them. Thay look good.
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How tall are you?
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the point of shrinking dry jeans is that they have not yet been shrunk, and if you wear them, then wash them, they will shrink to what they should be, as in, one or two sizes smaller in the wasit and a few inches shorter. unless nudies dont shrink, but im pretty sure they do, never had a pair.
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So the idea is they stretch before wash, then you wash them to shrink them back, now I understand I'm only 5ft7, and 121 pounds, even Nudie size 28 does not feel tight at all
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metkirk, leave 'em. The length is awesome.

acidpolice, Nudies are sanforized, and so do not shrink to fit like you're describing. The jeans will shrink a little bit in length after a long soak or a wash, but probably not more than an inch or so. They won't shrink any smaller than they are now in the waist/thighs/etc.
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Yeah, they look good!
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