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Altering pants

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i have a pair of dress pants that fit me very well, but the rise is just a bit too high. i'd say by about 3/4". they fit very well but i just don't like the styling. has anyone had this alteration made? is it expensive?
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I've done this. Don't. It is a very difficult task, involving taking off the waistband, cutting material, and reattaching the waistband, and will probably ruin the line of the trousers. Unless your tailor is very, very good, I wouldn't even consider it.
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The problem will be the pockets. A tailor might be able to get the front pockets lowered, but the back pockets are cut into the fabric, so the waistband might be to close to the back pockets. Maybe the loss of 3/4" will be acceptable, definitely not more. Discuss it with your tailor.
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thanks for the advice.
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An alternative would be to have the fork raised. I've had this done once before on a pair of RL trousers. The outcome was great, but I must say that the tailor was very good.
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Can anyone recommend trousers that come with the choice of a short rise? Thanks
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Raising the fork on a pair of trousers baffles me. There isn't much material in there to do it with. How much did he raise it by?
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