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^^ Great list. Do poast what you think about the Thivin.
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Stunning tatterall... I just tried a wine from a small local vineyard up in Nor Cal called Buona Vita Cellars.... Brilliant! Gosh I love living in wine country!
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Pian dell'Orino Rosso di Montalcino -- really delicious and well made.
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Praia Vino Verde, No wine is better for a really hot day. Goes really well with food too. 10% abv you can drink plenty. http://www.kysela.com/portugal/praia.htm
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Just had a Spanish Sparkling white called Pinord, so refreshing, and $10 a bottle.
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here's a quick list of what comes to mind: - Jean-Paul Brun Terres Dorées L'Ancien Beaujolais and Chard - pepiere muscadet - Coudert (Clos de la Roilette) Clos de la Roilette - bugey cerdon - we also like inexpensive german Riesling
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Medication time...
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Oh. Tell you what- you keep the pills and send me the bottle. All in the interest of preserving your health, of course. How was it?
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Light, a bit smokey, a bite of tannis at the finish, but they didn't linger on that long. It was cheap at $13, another Kermit Lynch import. From the Languedoc region, I might be wrong, but I think if the proportion of Carignan was higher it would be considered a Corbières?
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I'm not sure either. The Bronzinelle comes in at a couple dollars more; it is supposed to be more bordeaux like. It sounds darker and more structured than the Traditional; dinner vs. lunch perhaps. Interesting.
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If you guys like those, you should try some of the Pic St. Loup wines KL imports. Great stuff. The one from Chateau La Roque is a standard in our house.
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^Not easily found around here. But I've been looking for a reason to develop a relationship with a wine shop that can order for me. Chateau La Roque Pic Saint Loup Rouge sounds like a good one.
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So...the lady who cuts my hair is a friend and six weeks or so ago we got off discussing wines when another customer of hers came in early for her appointment and joined in the conversation. Because all three of us enjoy wines we decided to throw our own wine tasting with each of us bringing a bottle to our next appointment which Christine would ensure happened on the same day...and toward the end of the day. I had to cancel last time (work conflicts) but we arranged a substitute for today.

I am bringing two delicious wines:

2009 Mommessin Domaine de la Conseillere Julienas ($12)
2008 Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc ($15)

I will ensure that Christine is finished cutting my hair before she starts in on the wine.
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Morellino di Scansano Riserva "Poggio Valente", Fattoria le Pupille. Very good, approachable tuscan red.
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My wine shop guy was raving about this so I picked up a bottle. Anyone familiar?

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