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Beatle boots

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Where would one find beatle boots in North America?
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Originally Posted by shilo View Post
Where would one find beatle boots in North America?

-you mean chelsea boots?
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David Preston boots! A top guy with a genuine passion for the boots he thoughtfully designs and lovingly handcrafts... they're easily the sharpest around and the attention to detail and quality beats out all the competitors (beatwear, riviera, etc)
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Back in the day, Beatle Boots (worn by all the pohm rock bands) were like a Chelsea boot, but with more like a gaucho heel to 'em, as I remember. Even had a pair. Poinz
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Who me?
I'm as bad as can!
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They ARE chelseas with a Cuban style heel, usualy about 1.5 - 2"
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I recently purchased a pair from TUK Shoes - their pointy Winklepicker Beatle Boot. I wanted a pointy boot with a medium to high heel. I looked at Beatwear and Atom Retro, as well as some punk/goth styles. My new boots are just marvelous, though the heel is only 1 1/4" and the boots themselves are not as high as I was looking for originally. Some might not care for their construction, but I was totally looking for something different, reminding me of the 60s. If you want a less pointy version, more akin to the the type of boot the Beatles actually wore, then Beatwear or Atom Retro would be the way to go, IMHO.
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After some consideration, I decided to pull the trigger in placing an order for a pair of Beatle Boots from Beatwear uk. In just 3 short days the package arrived and let me tell you it is as if I opened a time capsule from 1965. I ordered a pair of Lennon boots with the low cuban heel, (circa Help! 1965) and they fit like a glove. Granted I took the advise of several to size up by 1/2. ( I am a US size 10 and had to order a European 44).
The low cuban heel allows it to be a more practical and comfortable wear.
For those who can't get enough of the 60's fashion and mod, you can't go wrong with the quality and price from Beatwear uk. The fellows at Beatwear gave great rapid advise. Give them a try and check out the web site.
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