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It important to remember that the purpose of these companies is to make a profit. There are few SFer in the world. There are a whole lot of people who can afford to spend $500 for a belt that conveys the message that "I am wearing Hermes" to other people who are familiar with the item. The point of wearing Hermes boxers must seem totally ridiculous to them because it provides no positive feedback. We wear certain items because we are even more elite because we can wear Hermes without soliciting the approval of the great unwashed, and then post our pictures in the Friday challenge. Try explaining to someone how tasteless it is to wear a Hermes belt in public, but it is the height of class to post your picture every Friday on SF.

They are having their fun, we are having ours. More guys have probably scored wearing a Hermes belt to a bar for girls to see than posting their picture on the Friday challenge for guys to vote on (please reassure me that is true).
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Well personally, I think a Hermes belt has an adverse affect on whatever level of "elitism" one has. I feel its safe to assume that if you are just walking around in public, maybe at the mall or a park, or even at the club, 60 - 75% of the people around you have no clue what Hermes is. Hermes is not a brand you hear people talking about on a daily basis. Unless you are walking around in New York, Beverly Hills, or other very wealthy city areas, chances are people aren't going to look at your belt and say "THATS HERMES!".
Moreover, the H just makes the belt appear a bit "cowboy-ish". *in my opinion*. For those who are not familiar with the brand Hermes, I don't think that H generally makes the belt look expensive. I would say, if I had no clue about Hermes, that the giant H makes the belt look like you found it at a cowboy store or target/etc.
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