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Tuxedo. Not that fond of it. Substituted absinthe with pastis.
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Amstel Light...on deck Zacapa.
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Single of Fever Tree Tonic
3oz Junipero
1/2 lime
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Absolut on the rocks with a slice of lime satisfied.gif
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^^ Love that gin. Only had in Martini and Negroni though. How was G&T?
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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

^^ Love that gin. Only had in Martini and Negroni though. How was G&T?

Really good. I think that's where the heavy juniper flavor shines through the most. It doesn't play as well with vermouth IMO.
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Had some Tanq Ten and tonics last night before I went home, solidarity Rambro. Gin used to be a friend but we don't meet often these days.
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After dinner drinks last night: a Highland flight at a local whisk(e)y bar (Oban, Glenmorangie, and Eades, which is cheating since it's distilled in Virginia, but still not bad). Then some Manhattans at home--girlfriend made one with Dolin vermouth and one with Vya and let me do a blind taste test. I liked the Vya a little bit better.
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nothing unique
I been using Cognac lately. Tons of Remy Martin VSOP collecting dust. For some odd reason, my family always seem to gift me a few bottles.
1.5 oz Gin
1.0 oz Simple syrup
.75 oz Lemon Juice
Top with Champagne
I was at my favorite bar today after work. For some reason, I thought about this thread.
Pequot Fizz

That French 75 with gin (and a twist) is probably my favorite drink at the moment. My Mother is the only person I have met so far that prefers it with cognac.
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Firstly a Negroni (1.33:1:1 sweet vermouth, gin, campari) with Carpano Antica. It's pretty good, the Carpano -- first vermouth that actually has a real "feeling" of vermouth (i.e. bitterness)

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Tried this today with 60ml Chartreuse, 15 ml Maraschino, 25 ml lime juice, one egg white, 1/2 bar spoon sugar, 5 dashes of orange flower water.
Taste was close and decent, but damn the texture was nasty. It had lots of "flocculated scum". And again some kind of "furry" teeth-feel (like when you eat a cake with too much baking powder). What's wrong? I think the lime juice and egg white somehow react in a negative way with each other. Shake without the lime juice and just add it in the very end? I dry-shaked everything (without the OFW), shaked with ice, strained on crushed ice. Added the OFW.
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Bro, I know you are into cooking and I think the egg is an extension of that, but cocktails with eggs are difficult to do well.
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I understand that, but can you actually help me?
Or do you want to say that I better stop trying it because I don't stand a chance to get proper results in the next, I don't know, say 60 years?
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

I understand that, but can you actually help me?

No, there are a lot of things in my life that I leave to the experts. I enjoy eating nice food and drinking nice drinks, but I really don't enjoy making them. Do you have a nicer cocktail bar near you? Go there, drink, observe, and talk to the people that work there. People love talking about what they do, you would probably be surprised how much they will help you out.
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I don't have too many decent cocktail bars around here. I was -- see last page -- at Le Lion on thursday, but we didn't get a seat at the counter/bar so I couldn't really watch. The waiter was pretty knowledgeable, but rather in theory. Moreover, the place was very crowded, so he didn't have too much time. Plus, the Ramos Gin Fizz, in comparison to Velvet Tango Room's one, didn't have lots of foam, so I'm not sure whether this bartender was the first choice to ask. Granted, he shaked every drink for just four seconds or so (some might even call it hyper-shaking) -- so that might be the main reason.

Also, FWIW, my aim is not to create perfect egg white cocktails at home. I was just perplexed by what happened and tried to figure out what I did wrong and hoped of a quick solution/answer by some of the knowledgeable forum members. I like to learn from my faults, but can't do so if I don't know the cause.
I don't love egg white cocktails, but this cocktail was the first one that crossed my mind when I thought about what to do with the chartreuse at first.
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Martinez with 1:2 gin:vermouth ratio.
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