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messing around with Old Fashioned recipes. Pure Kentucky bourbon as the base.

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Speaking of the above, old fashioned. Lemon, cherry, sugar, bitters, bourbon. Usually I do a lemon slice and an orange slice, but no oranges.

Yes, I make 'em fruity. If I wanted straight whiskey, I would drink straight whiskey. An Old Fashioned is fruit, water, sugar, bitters, spirit, damnit! And a tiny bit of lemon oil does not count as fruit!


I mean, the original definition of cocktail required all of those various elements, and the "Old Fashioned Cocktail" name was coined as a harkback to the days where that's what cocktail meant, in the era where cocktails were becoming increasingly varied and very much straying from that classic formulation. And cocktails using that name should not leave any of those elements out. It's like omitting vermouth from a martini- fine if that's how you like your gin, but you're no longer drinking something of the same name.
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Have you been drinking Jeff?
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Originally Posted by alexg View Post

Jefferson's Presidential Reserve 18 Year Bourbon. First bottle of real liquor, I'm starting to be able to get past the alcohol burn and taste the flavor.

add some spring water
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Cidre brux
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Thinking about drinking some Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.

I shouldn't...but I have a condition and need to self-medicate.
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Polished off the Havana Club with some Coke. Bad timing though, as my sleep schedule has been fucked for two weeks and I was drinking rum at noon after being up for 12 hrs, in hope of taking a nap....
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My willpower has failed me, this 4-pack of DFH 90 Min will be gone very soon.

Quite strong after cutting back on drinking.
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I started off a bit before lunch with a bitters highball (exactly what it sounds like- shitload of bitters and ginger ale), due to an upset stomach.

Later had an Adonis, which is sherry, sweet vermouth and orange bitters, though my book allowed for orange liqueur rather than bitters. Lacking orange bitters, that's what I did. Quite good.
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Bitters are great for upset stomachs. I usually drink a Sprite with like 15 shakes of bitters, let it go flat for a bit. Usually cures me.
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Yup. Out of all the various liquors, liqueurs, and alcoholic whatnot on the market today, only Angostura can claim to have been invented by a doctor (though quite a few were considered medicinal at some point- gin, benedictine, Chartreuse, Absinthe, Gold-wasser...). They were originally made to take care of stuff like upset stomachs, and taking them with ginger ale (another great remedy, as long as you use one with real ginger in it) is much more pleasant than the intended manner of delivery, that is, taken straight from a spoon.

And I did half a shot, however many shakes that is.

The old medicines sometimes really do work. Angostura is one of 'em.
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tried to go a week but made it about 3 days and 21 hours. first drink back the ironically titled Last Word. Tanq 10 as the gin.
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Christian Brothers XO. With a whole bunch of 'very rare, select casks' superlatives, that basically mean that they're feeling what the rest of the wine industry is, a squeeze across the board, resulting in cheaper high quality grapes. Basically, the good stuff is cheaper because the market is down, so you, the consumer, get higher quality booze and wine. Mid level wines right now are at some of the highest quality levels you'll find for quite a while right now, so stock up, because $15 wines made with grapes that would go to $75 bottles in a better economy won't last forever.

Anyway, the brandy. Fancy looking bottle, but not all that incredibly artful. I'll look good on a shelf, but not one I would consider saving as a display piece. I hate the nose. It smells like a cream based cocktail gone bad, or a bottle of Bailey's past it's prime. Probably not a smell everyone will associate, but I got really smashed on White Russians at a party once, and so I'm a little touchy around that things resembling that smell.

Once it gets on the palate, that passes. It briefly starts soft, oaky and fruity, and builds into spice and pepper. Pretty good.

It's certainly a change from the E&J XO I kept around before (the running out of which prompted purchasing this one), which was all caramel and vanilla with toasted wood. It was much softer and sweeter a brandy.
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Makers Mark Mint Julep
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Root liquer
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