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Fernet-Branca (rocks, twist), Negroni then Amaro Montenegro (straight)
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hibiki 12 on the rocks
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Murphy's Stout.
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trading sips between Macallan 17 Fine Oak and Lime Perrier.

trying to enjoy those last few moments before Monday starts all over again.

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Some rum 'n cola. Havana 3 is empty so I had to use some better rum, used Ron Centenario XX. Didn't make it 1:2 rum:cola as I do with Havana 3 but 1:5. Very nice flavour.
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drank some Zacapa 23 and Cokes tonight, on a rum n coke binge lately. This is about as sweet as I go, so I must be on my form of a dessert thing.
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I don't know how Zacapa & coke tastes; I've never tried it out and besides that I only have a bottle of Zacapa 15 (now the store where I bought it has Zacapa 23 in a litre bottle that has the same price per litre as the Zacapa 15 in a 0.7 litre bottle... ffffuuuu.gif). I can recommend you Ron Centenario XX though, it's got a nice, complimenting flavour. Don't know how to properly express it, but I'd say it's got vanilla and caramel flavors.
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Yeah I know XO tastes nice, but for the money I'll always end up drinking scotch. redface.gif I like 23 neat too, just tried it with Coke tonight to see if I like it, it was very good actually. I don't know if I'd regularly drink $40 rum with Coke, but just trying to things out...
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That's what I think, too. 40€ rum is too expensive for me to mix it with coke, right now. By the way, I didn't mean Zacapa XO - which certainly, I guess, is a very fine rum - but the less expensive Ron Centenario XX (costs about the same as Zacapa 15, 35€ here in Germany).
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Just finished dinner with a somewhat special edition Moulin a Vent by Duboeuf. From 1993!

Tasted very much like mature wine-- not necessarily like Beaujolais, but a nice accompaniment to beef stir-fry nonetheless.

One of the great dilemmas of tasting wine-- you open a modest bottle that outperforms and you wish you'd saved it for the crowd that would normally appreciate the finer stuff.
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With a piece of Humboldt Fog. Delicious.
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Picked up an 11-bottle case of this the other night. Though I never heard of it, $13 for eleven 500ml bottles is a good deal and worth a go. A decent pilsner that's refreshing on a hot, muggy night. Ought to pick up a few more cases before it sells out.

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Aberlour 16 year old with a touch of water.
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Firesteed 2008 Oregon Pinot Noir. Enjoyed a lot of it in grad school, I was happy to find it again smile.gif
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I love this.
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