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It's cool to know that the mind behind TOJ went to school in one of the least fashionable areas in the country :-).

I must say I'm surprised as well being a Midwesterner myself! smile.gif good on ya impolyt_one.... so for the record I'm having a Jose Cuervo Tradicional Gold margarita w/ a Cointreau Noir kicker and Stirrings Herbed Salt Rimmer! ya, ya.... save the jokes... I like the rimmer! satisfied.gif
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1. Will always have a soft spot for Old Grandad. Grew(threw) up on that bourbon. "Bourbon and branch water's what we drink boy," my grandmother used to aways say.

2. Right now I'm into two Pinkus Pilsners and working on a Tres Generaciones, GM and oranges from my tree. Enjoying on the back deck w/ a small Trinidad cigar whilst bbqing.
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breaking from my traditional Martini Monday and went with a gin and tonic. 2 shots Tanqueray Rangpur, juice from one lime, 4 oz bottle of Q tonic. on the rocks.

have since moved on to Delirium Nocturnum.

and for the record, i hate women and all their fucking curves in all the right places.

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Canadian Club Sherry Cask over crushed ice.
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Reposadp Pisco over crushed ice.


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Glenfiddich with a little bit of water ;)

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Had some amazing cocktails last night at the Ginza outpost of the same bar I frequent in Seoul. Bartender was a real workhorse type guy, stone faced, making these amazing cocktails. Made a video and I'll post it when I get back to Seoul and can edit it on my computer.
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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post

Reposadp Pisco over crushed ice.


Nice. I used to have a Peruvian housekeeper. Anytime she went home she would bring me back a bottle of Pisco. Taught me how to make Pisco Sours, although I haven't made one in years. I moved recently and so was cleaning out my bar and found a half a bottle of Pisco stuck in the back. Don't remember the brand, but I doubt it was anything high-end.
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i feel like a broken record. back to the Sidecar. but otherwise it'd be a gin martini or a Last Word.

soundtrack for tonight, Hendrix "Red House".

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Had a great Last Word made with VEP this week - guy didn't even ask if I wanted to call VEP, just grabbed it from the shelf. A little different from the game plan, but winning.

I don't really drink Mojitos, but this guy was making some for other people, I watched him make them at the bar, and decided I needed one too. Here is how he made them:

1. highball glass, room temp
2. small palmful of mint
3. squeeze two eighth wedges of a bigger juicy Mexican lime in
4. small 100 mil shot of white Carib rum, made in France, room temp (i.e warm)
5. muddle everything
6. Couple 100 mil shots of ice cold Havana Club 3 anos, stir to bring down temp and specific gravity
7. Fill about halfway with pebbled ice, let sit for about 3 minutes, then stir again
8. Fat shot of Monin mojito syrup, stir
9. Top with soda gun
10. 2" piece of mint as garnish
11. twist a piece of lime zest over the drink, and then hit the same twist with a blowtorch really quickly, shake over glass, discard.
12. enjoy - final result - the mintiest, most intense Mojito I've ever had in my life.
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What is mojito syrup
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

What is mojito syrup

Just a guess
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It's syrup with added mint and lime flavor - sold as a pre-mix so that you only need to add rum and soda normally. I think he was adding it to heighten the natural mint and lime a touch, and it worked nicely. It was that slow and steady approach of building a cocktail - a little bit of everything rather than lots of a few things.
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Im guessing this

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I wouldn't like if someone added mint flavoring to my Mojito. Why not leave it as natural as it can get and just use real mint - or some non-chemical stuff, like mint essence or whatever if you really need a flavor-blast.
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