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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post
Aberlour A'Bundah here.

Nice! What batch do you have?

I went to party last weekend and the host cracked open a bottle of batch 6. It was incredibly decedent, rich and complex. I could drink it every day and not get bored.
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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post
Really, a good Canadian makes a nice Manhattan. And VTR bitters! Weekend after NYE Hunts and his cocktail-loving lady will be in front of that wood. Can't wait!

Aberlour A'Bundah here.

Edit: 12 oz of CR would lay me the heck out! At least in less than 8 hrs!

I honestly think Canadian makes the smoothest manhattans. I'm not saying the best, I'm just saying the smoothest.

If our friend is there tell him we said "hi." He took a pic of us that turned out fantastic and I actually printed and framed it.
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eggnog.... loaded w/ Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum... sprinkle of nutmeg!
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Just got a bottle of Woodford Reserve Maple Wood Finish. I'll have to say, I don't like it that much better than the regular Woodford Reserve. Wasn't as sweet as I was hoping.
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Gin and ginger ale (Hendrick's and Seagram's) Reminds me of a few years back, I used to drink gin and ginger all the time! Also had a few nice beers from the local brewpub before I switched over to the hard stuff, a winter ale, a stout, and an IPA (at the Brew Works in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.) Also, funny being in a smalltown brewpub wearing yohji yamamoto :P
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Just had a really nice Woodford Manhattan. Never made a successful one at home before, and this was definitely getting there! Added a couple extra cherries, mostly just because I could. Just made reservations for NYE, looking like I'll be somewhere with the best stocked bar in town and Cristal by the glass. VERY excited.
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^ not sure where I'll be tomorrow night, but it won't be any place with Cristal by the glass, that'd be $150/glass here, so nobody does it. Depending on how reservations work out, might get to toast with some Bollinger, drink on something else. Drinkin a Pilsner Urquell again.
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discovered an Austrian apple brandy (as far as I can tell, I mean I know its Austrian and apple) with a vintage of 1995? Its good.
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A bomber of Fat and drinkable
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Light up the fire pit and pour some Talisker 10 with my good friend. inb4 lol@car hood in the background...
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Hello, first post here. I just made a Manhattan, It's the first time I have had one. I've wanted to try one for a while, so I just went for it. I used Jim Beam rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters. Finding rye whiskey is quite hard the only one the store had was Jim Beam but it doesn't have a great selection. I wanted to use a rye whiskey because it's the way the drink traditionally was made. Before trying the whole drink I just tried the rye whiskey alone. I didn't really know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed the rye whiskey alone. Overall a very nice drink, but the other ingredients and ice seem to dull the spiciness of the rye whiskey. I will have to try this drink again and with another rye whiskey and possibly a bourbon too.
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Currently having a nice glass of Blanton's Single Barrel to celebrate the weekend.
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A bomber of Goose Island 2010 this stuff!
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Another Woodford manhattan. This was better than the last, even though my shaker lost its lid right at the end (I was straining it into the glass when all of the ice, detritus, and such ended up in my glass). Trying not to drink too much tonight in preparation for tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by ama View Post
That sounds good, or at the very least significantly better than last night's drink!

How many you having?

Very nice! If I were not drinking wine I would try it tonight!!! But true to the thread I am currently drinking a nice Portuguese wine a 2000 Quinta Da Maneula 2000. Aweomse wine with a very French Burgandy taste but 1/3 the cost. Had some champagne earlier today (Ruinart Blanc de blanc).....I love Christmas and the holidays!!!!

Cheers to all~~~
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