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Originally Posted by I<3Bacon View Post
Don't really care for either for the exact reason ama mentioned... but I'd rather be drinking the 18yr out of the pair.

They take some getting used to coming from the sherried sweetness of most whiskeys. I know neither you nor Gnatty are at all new to this, but its hard to explain to people who are. The sweetness is inherent in the liquor itself, not resulting from its finishing or casking. Its a completely different taste than many are accustomed to.
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Finished up a Three Philosophers earlier, and after picking up my wife I'll probably have a little bourbon or a cocktail of some sort (running a little low on mixers).
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Originally Posted by ama View Post
I'm guessing you like that the 12 is more in your face than the 18? That is valid. I like the 12 a lot, but for me the cherry and vanilla make it little too sweet. I like how the wood tempers that in the 18. Different strokes...

Yes, I also found the 18 "hotter" than the 12, and prefer a sweeter Scotch to woody/peaty. That said, the 18s very good, I just preferred the 12.
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Headed to bed shortly, but decided to end the night with a Pimm's Cup. I was a little worried about the end results, being skeptical of the recipe, but I'm pleasantly suprised. I could see myself drinking a lot of these during the summer.
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i'm drinking right now orange jounce.
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Whiskey Sour
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Hohohoooooooboyyyyy! A little local flavour for my 4-day weekend...
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I had one of these...(Balvenie Doublewood)

With some of these...(Oreo Cookies)

Just before bed.
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lol. i had a port before bed. delicious
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Originally Posted by Halloween- View Post
Bought some bottles of Fever Tree tonic water after looking through 3 shops. Gotta say, it's really good, better than the Schweppes I always had. Crisp and clean! Currently having a G&T with Sapphire, lime garnish and Fever Tree tonic.

I bought their ginger beer recently and boy was it strong! Delicious for me, but with an intense and lingering spiciness that put my friend Lauren off when we used it for chaser. I kept a bottle, and mixed 1:1 with Pyrat XO it makes a powerfully interesting Dark n Stormy because of the raw ginger kick and the orange tastes of the rum.

In regards to the rum straight, it's amazingly quaffable. I read that the new Patron formula tweaks made it sweeter and bumped the orange notes up as well, and those are definitely the prominent elements of Pyrat's taste. The finish has no burn, just a tingling spiciness that the hangtag describes as cinnamon. Presentation is nice and for under $25 (I paid $20), this is a good gift option. I think especially women would like this style as it is nowhere near as assertive as most of the spirits I regularly drink. Even among rums of its age range and price, like This was a bargain, and will be a good bottle to have around when I tire of whiskey and tequila.
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Bourbon (Eagle Rare) on one giant rock
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Unibroue - Maudite.
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A glass of red Côtes du Rhônes with my luncheon, a '09er. It is very strong (14.5%) but quite good for its low price. Also, it has a Medaille d'Or which is always a good hint for me when considering to try something out. The CdR Villages sometimes have great (simple) quality in that segment.

Tonight, I'd like to sample some blend of Scotch called The Black Grouse. It seems to be 'based' on The Famous Grouse, could be that I'll also drunk-post, then so maybe expect some Jeromian madness...
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Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. Put aside a sixpack last winter.
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