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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

I bet those fuckers can really drink, in an empty soul, mechanical sort of way.

야 또라이 야! I said Korean Salaryman Drinking Quarterly, not Japanese.
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Korean drinking culture is passive aggressive. You can't refuse a superior and most superiors have this sadomasochistic joy in forcing their unders to be drunk and entertaining
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Perfectly reasonable
/old man
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Too much over the past few days. happy.gif

A variety of Negronis. Star of Bombay, The Botanist, Tanqueray Ten, .. Martini Gran Lusso and La Quintinye rouge.

Clyde Common Egg nog

Lots of Cuba Libres with the rums I've recently bought.

The Last Word. Flor de Jerez (although slightly adopted). Manhattan. Rum Manhattan. Etc

I'll give my opinions on the rums and Star of Bombay later this year (or next, lol). I'm not that big a fan of the La Quintinye rouge as a mixer. Very big on mint and eucalyptus. Almost like a blend of a "normal" vemrouth rouge and Fernet. Too dominant for my taste. Better suited for sipping neat. I think the Blanc has a similar flavor profile but I'll revisit it today. Haven't tried the extra dry yet.
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I think you wrote about it before but how do you like gran rosso versus other vermouths (gran rosso is a vermouth right?) like cocchi di torino?

And how's star of Bombay?
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I love Martini Gran Lusso. Think of a more complex, bitter and refined Martini Rosso. Quite a bit of menthol though too. But aside from the menthol on the lighter-ish side. Really great in a Negroni or neat, for example. My fourth bottle is empty now. frown.gif Not sure how many there are left cause it was a limited release (some years ago, lol).

I'll have to revisit the Star of Bombay. Fromt what I recall, it's a good/very good London dry gin.. but I wouldn't pay full retail for it.
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First time that I made a "real" Penicillin cocktail. Piob-sized (4 oz of Scotch all together) cause I wanted to use up all ginger juice, which was a pita to make. I used acacia honey, not linden (lime tree?) honey, so flavours don't muddle. JW Black as a base (yeah, some smoke in there already..) and Ardbeg 10 as the float. Very delicious. The ginger is still pretty aggressive though. I figure quite a few people won't like this drink, if only due to a sensitive stomach. Also made two pieces of candied ginger for the garnish. You can skip that part, imho.

Also champagne, wine, vin santo, the last word, etc.
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Prosperous New Year to all SFers

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God damn, I delayed my post and forgot to thank you, aside from the thumbs-up, @QuarantaLocatel. Mille grazie. By any chance, do you have a personal favorite among Tripperia Fiorenzano and Tripperia O'Russ?

@Rumpelstiltskin also opened a bottle of El Dorado 12 yesterday. Good stuff.

Happy new year!
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Very happy with this. Fruit was still there, bing cherries very clear. Tannins still very present, which is good, as I put it with some ribeyes. Tobacco and leather with some earthiness. Only cost me $30 and I think it was really well aged and well worth the money.

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South Slope
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Morgenthaler's best amaretto sour.
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Chartreuse V.E.P.
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Made another Penicillin today. Yesterday, I've used "thin" ginger that also had some age. When I ground it, no juices whatsoever gathered on the plate. I had to squeeze it all out and the whole grinding phase took a long time. Today, I used thicker, fresher ginger. Super easy to grind & squeeze the juice out. Flavors are quite different though. Yesterday's ginger juice was much more pungent and gingery. This one was still potent but more watery. End result was delicious too and more agreeable to the stomach. wink.gif
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