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Negroni. 4cl each of The Botanist, Martini Gran Lusso, Mondino Amaro. Orange twist.

This is nice. A delicate yet sturdy Negroni. The Martini Gran Lusso is relatively light, similar to the regular Martini Rosso, but at the same time quite deep and packs a good punch of bitterness. The Mondino Amaro is, as I've said, more fruity than Campari and it shows in the Negroni. The combination with The Botanist makes a floral but not too floral, fruity but not too fruity, rich but not too rich Negroni. Good stuff. But slightly too sweet. The Mondino has just 18% compared to Campari's 25% (at least it has 25% in Germany.. I know that it ranges from like 22% to 30%, depending on the country, which is crazy), and, again, it's more fruity, so the sweetness is more prominent. Maybe a tad more gin.