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Reasonable career move its just heading into Winter in the Antipodes and I have had a few Bundaberg Rum and Cokes the past few 'chilly' nights. Tried a very nice Gin the other night Junipero Gin very nice rank it along side Hendricks.

Junipero is very good although we've mentioned it in here only occasionally IIRC. I believe it's distilled by Anchor Brewing Co., the same in San Fran who makes Anchor Steam beer etc.

btw… I absolute love Bundy OP Rum and Bundy ginger beer. I lived in Brisbane during my junior year abroad and spent a few days in Bundaberg through the university, living with a local family. We had many dark & stormys and I was lucky enough to be there one day they set the cane fields on fire to burn off the outside dead stuff before harvest. Wow … it was crazy. Literally looked like the end of the world!