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But I also don't understand why spiced rums don't take off like gin.

I guess it's not cool enough? Like people don't sip gin. They drink a martini which is classy and cool. Or you add tonic water cuz that's a safe choice. Spiced rum I only see in toddies or bad college punches
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I don't know of any good spiced gins on the market. That's part of it. Rum has been relegated to a lesser spirit category until relatively recently. No one has invested in a good spiced rum. I think you can create a market with the right flavor profile. Gin is also incredibly versatile.
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I was thinking gin really is spiced vodka. That's where I was going with that
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I had some of the Rogue gin that was "spiced" or perhaps just strangely flavored. I believe it was this… not very good regardless.

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Wine barrel aged gin? Huh.
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the rogue stuff is one of the vilest most disgusting things i've ever had. same goes for their beer
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The Alambic's aged gin stuff is pretty great. I have the one barrel-aged for 11 years, then finished for another 2 years in Carribbean rum casks. Barrel strength (131.2 proof). Tastes very herbal actually. Like a mix of gin, Chartreuse and a bit of rum. The ones aged in scotch-casks (Ardbeg/Port Ellen etc.) are supposed to be great too.
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So, so good.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

What is it?

So, so good.
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Looks like some sort of tequila.

Edit: Yep. Google image reverse search: Clase Azul Reposado.
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Rogue's the worst. Ugh. Enjoying a Brenne x Noilly Prat Boulevardier with an HU48 just now. I think the bitterness of the Campari tames the sweet fruit of the Brenne well.
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Having a couple of fingers of Colonel Taylor rye tonight trying to kill off the end of a cold.
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Was thinking about vermouth and realized that I hadn't had a Chrysanthemum in a while, so I'm now drinking one of those. Nice change of pace.
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