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Old fashioned with Buffalo Trace, 1/4oz Liber & Co. Classic Gum Syrup, Angostura bitters...classic and perfect after a stressful day.
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This and just about anything else with Green Chartreuse has been my jam lately. Thinking about springing for the VEP one of these days.

Last Word (mezcal variation, often referred to as La Ultima Palabra). 1 part everything: lime, maraschino, gin or mezcal, green chartreuse. Little ice chips on top from all the shaking.


That Leopold Bros. Maraschino is quite a remarkable product. I don't think it is a replacement for Luxardo, but is amazing nonetheless.


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BMH isn't even Kentucky Bourbon Distillers anymore. Their new batch is from some Oregon distillery (but apparently pretty decent). BMH hasn't been worth the price since Julian Van Winkle stopped selling them barrels. You could get Elijah Craig BP for the same amount or Elijah Craig 12 or Evan Williams Single Barrel for $25 instead and they're all Heaven Hill whiskey anyways.


Ah, damn. I swear I'm the only guy on the forum who loved the regular old BMH Limited - it always made me happy for $45.


~ H

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dude if you see this


buy it. it's awesome and if you dont like it i'll buy it off you. (am also interested in what you think)

also i'm not shitting on regular BMH limited. it's pretty damn good, but if it were my budget i would buy more heaven hill stuff and KBD stuff and if i still couldnt get enough of that taste i would then go to BMH

but also i've only ever seen it for $60 to $65. $45 is a pretty decent price and might make me just go for it
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Tonight is a Jungle Bird...1.5oz black strap rum, .5oz Campari, 2/3 oz Liber & Co. Pineapple Gum Syrup, .5oz lime juice. Shaken and strained over crushed ice in a rocks glass. http://liberandcompany.com/products/pineapple-gum-syrup
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