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Pabst Blue Ribbon and Wild Turkey 101. Eat your heart out boys.

Bushmills and Guinness.
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Just created a Tiki drink as I'm doing a little bartending tonight. Made one and I'm about to make a huge pitcher so you can scale up.

4 oz fresh squeezed OJ
2 oz good amber rum
2 oz white rum
1 oz dry sherry
1 oz orgeat
1 oz pomegranate juice

Shake. I put ice in a cheap Burgundy glass and poured out. Topped with soda water.

Very good, very deadly.
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Green Mountain Espresso Roast coffee with cream and turbinado sugar.


Many great brews on deck today to support the festivities; stay tuned!

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Krug Grande Cuvee - Just got home from the honeymoon with the wife! Further poasts forthcoming!
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Was in Miami. Had an interesting variation on the Mojito with Atlantico rum and a champagne floater. Interesting, but very tasty. Will have to try homemade.
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Doppio + tonic. Espronic, Tonpresso, call it whatever you like.

And Pimm's Cup (the bum version, just Pimm's, ginger ale and a slice of lemon).
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I scored a bottle of The Botanist today. Will be having a martini tonight.
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Gotta get me some Sicilian olives and try that feel gin in a Martini.
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That importer portfolio went to a different distributor, so nobody should ever buy the botanist or bruichladdich again.
No JK. Major score: I pulled a bottle of botanist and 2 scotches for samples before we lost them. Now I have the booze but can't sell it. I'll have to drink it. How sad.
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Not what I'm drinking right now but what I'll be drinking around September:

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Okay, used the preferred Piob recipe for a martini using The Botanist. It's very nice. Smooth and mild, very aromatic, and has some interesting notes to it. However, and this really hurts to say this about a Scottish gin vs. a French one, it's not worth the premium over what I'm paying for Citadelle. frown.gif
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Lagunitas IPA
Lagunitas pils
Breckenridge summerbright
Pimms cup w/ the botanist
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Wait does a pimms cup have gin? Regardless, delicious drink. 1:1 pimms and gin, ginger ale, and lemon.
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Wanted to try another cocktail with The Botanist and opted for a Bijou.

3 oz The Botanist
1 oz Green Chartreuse (LabelKing, are you listening?)
1 oz Noilly Prat sweet vermouth
2 dashes Piob #1 Bitters

Stir in mixing glass, strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Everything combines for a peppery/green peppery vegetal yet beefy drink. Not something I would have more than one or two of in an evening but enjoyable.
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