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That sounds more reasonable. I looked it up and a variety of websites, including SmallScreenNetwork, said 1:1:1. ( )
Yeah, I forgot the Absinthe in my post but used it in my cocktail.
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I got my industry tickets to Manhattan Cocktail Classic. bigstar[1].gif
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Dalmore 18 years Whiskey

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Originally Posted by Zacd View Post

Dalmore 18 years Whiskey

Nice tipple but there's no "e" in whisky.
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Old fashioned, Four Roses single barrel and Fee Bros. cherry bitters
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I put together a drink to work with ginger liqueur, and have been playing around with the base spirit. First time around, I used brandy, which was good. Last time, bourbon, which was also good. This time, Rye, which is good as well.

1.5 measure base spirit.
.5 measure Dry Vermouth
.5 measure Ginger Liqueur
.5 measure Lemon Juice
bitters, whatever type you feel like.

Very New Orleansy formula (proportions inspired by the various crustas), so I think I'll probably stick with brandy/bourbon/rye on this one, and come up with something different for gin and rum.
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Having me some Bitburger's in a 500ml can right now.
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R.Renaudin 1989 on Friday and Saturday.
Croizet 1894 Sunday with Bolivar P. Corona
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post


Nice. Did you use the macallan ice ball maker or another?
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Hand carved that badboy
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Made an Aurora, courtesy of our own cptjeff:

2.5 oz gin (Greenalls)
.75 oz St. Germain
.75 oz Lime Juice

Shaken, garnished with a lime twist.

Quite tasty, but I may add a dash of grapefruit bitters next time to add an extra dimension to the drink.
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Campari Orange.
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Few Rye Whiskey.....I'm a bourbon guy but a friend gave me a bottle of Few Rye and I find it fascinating. Incredibly smooth with a very unusual mouthfeel. I didn't find it too spicy..more balanced with a bit of sweetness from the corn. Cool bottle as well.
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