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Went to a tasting with the area rep for Forty Creek Canadian whiskey, Bowmore, Glen Garioch, and Auchentoshan the other night.

Got to try three of the expressions of their Forty Creek lineup: Port Wood, Confederation Oak, and Double Barrell. The Confederation Oak was a revelation. So amazing. I can't really describe it anymore now, being as it is a couple days later, but I know it was one of the best whiskeys period, not just Canadian, that I have had the chance to try.

Pio, I know you and I have discussed your dislike for some of the medicinal, iodine-like qualities of Forty Creek before, but if you get a chance, give the Confederation Oak a shot, you won't regret it. It has none of those qualities that are present in the Port Wood and some of Forty Creek's lesser bottlings.

I also tried the Auchentoshan Valinch, which I was pleasantly surprised by. It's unique character was its "zippyness", somewhat reminiscent of what Gewurtztraminer is to wine. A little punchy, zippy, spicy, etc. It's young, and you can tell that, but I really enjoyed that quality of it. It's almost sold out in my province, but I will be trying to track down a bottle.
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Spent the day touring Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, KY. Oldest operating distillery in the U.S. Very cool place, and these guys have been making the finest bourbon in the land for decades. After the tour and hitting the gift shop, I took the opportunity to ask if they had any of the BTAC or PVW bottlings. The clerk chuckled. Shit.
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Grand Marnier poured over a piece of my GF's cheesecake.



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Playing around with rye, since I have some around again. Old fashioned earlier, right now another play on the holiday theme, going after the nuts and fruit of the season rather than the bold spices.

1.5 measures Rye
.5 measure Orange Juice
.5 measure Amaretto
.25 measure Kirschwasser
Not quite a dash of Angustora
Not quite a dash of Orange bitters.

Cherry to garnish.

Not bad at all, really. Not the best I've ever turned out, but nowhere close to the worst.
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Orange juice is really hard to work with in cocktails, I find.

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Stoli and some nantucket orange/mango. i ran out of cranberry juice....
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Pappy Van Winkle 20 Y. Am down to my last 2 bottles having not seen any in-stores in over a year now.
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^ Sad!


I am drinking nothing but water and coffee (violating thread rules, I know). Three-and-a-half-hour final tomorrow on a doctrinal subject on which all the policy wonks are going to whup me. Bah.

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Balvenie a7e3e6yd.jpg
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Villa Antinori '08

And Dutch Coke Zero. Surprisingly enjoyable for a sugar free coke.
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Originally Posted by scoredtx View Post

Balvenie Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

You're not supposed to light that on fire frown.gif
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You're not supposed to light that on fire frown.gif
Look again, he didn't.
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But he froze it to death. tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by alexg View Post

Look again, he didn't.

(I know. It was a joke)
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