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I really like Cognac and Scotch neat the last couple of days. Looking forward to the Coeur de Cognac and will probably get the Pierre Ferrand Ambre too. Also ordered a bottle of Gran Duque D'Alba. Looking forward to that too.
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Huh, I didn't know about the Gran Duque D'Alba. Sounds right up my alley. I'll buy it if I see it anywhere here in the States.
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I got it with a good discount (at least I hope so.. maybe they'll cancel it too) because my order of Macallan 12 was cancelled. I can report back in the end of December. tongue.gif
FWIW, the regular/Gran Reserva Cardenal Mendoza is solid (and I'm sure the Carta Real one too smile.gif).
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Chai tea.... booooooorrring! plain.gif
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Peroni Doppio Malto with a Bolivar.
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I think I prefer 2:1:0.67
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Meet me in Geneva
2oz Courvoisier VSOP
0.75oz Carpano Antica Formula
0.5oz Cointreau
0.25oz Maraschino Luxardo

Interesting. Maybe some other ratios. Too much luxardo for sure, imo.
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what's up with that fishTM?
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I'm really confused about Ziegler's Trilogie der Himbeere. It has such an extreme raspberry note that it almost seems aritficial. But then again Ziegler is a top notch producer. I don't have much experience with clear "Obstbrand" so I'm not sure what other producer's Himbeer (raspberry) Obstbrände taste like. I just know that raspberry "eau de vie" is difficult to produce (lots of raspberrys needed).
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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

what's up with that fishTM?


Well, I didn't eat it raw :P No worries :P I just saw it in the shop and could not resist as it is difficult to find pikes any time you want. Then I though that Laddie Rocks would be a nice whisky to complement it and so it was :P Ate it with cooked potatoes and sauerkraut (this is how we do it in Poland) :D :D :D

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Foothills brewing co. hoppyum while waiting on my flight to London
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Don Julio anejo. Very solid.
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Tom Miler, very interesting pairing of a pike to go with those excellent whiskies. When I was a kid I used to go fishing for perch and caught hundreds over the years but we never found them to be very good eating. Should have tried them with a malt and some sauerkraut satisfied.gif
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Originally Posted by Tom Miler View Post

And if I told you we had two of them to check how different barrels affect aging? :P 

Isn't one of those sherried? Not really a fair comparison then. biggrin.gif
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