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I find I go through phases where I prefer one vermouth over another, particularly in sweets. I grew up using Stock in my manhattans, got taken with Vya for some time, then Antiqua Formula, and I'm currently using NP for both sweet and dry. I don't think there is any one best vermouth but merely the one I am enjoying at the moment.
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Having a Caesar:

2 oz Ericsson potato vodka
4 oz Mott's Clamato juice
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes Tabasco sauce
grind of fresh pepper
shake of celery salt

Garnished with a bacon stuffed olive.
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^ reminds me of a couple months ago when I went to this bar and ordered a Bloody Mary: http://travel.nytimes.com/2009/12/20/travel/20bites.html?_r=0

and then ended up on a flight that landed in Detroit and ordered a Bloody Mary at this shitty airport diner that had breakfast. Our server was about 50 pounds overweight and all of her tattoos were still in the healing process after being burnt off.

The Star Bar Bloody Mary was a whole peeled fresh tomato, I guess it was muddled or macerated and shaken with the vodka and then strained - not many other flavors, maybe some sort of mild chili infusion, poured over a single large cube of ice in a short tumbler. It was insanely subtle, to the point of being off if you were used to drinking Bloody Marys in other countrys.

The airport Bloody Mary I had not long after - was from a cheap liquor store pre-mix like Mrs T's I think, had a good half inch of some sort of seasoned salt on the rim, more seasoned salts and shit in the actual drink, garnishes of some cancered celery and Mario green olives on a toothpick, it was just so bad and also so right for the venue. A couple and I might've even caught a buzz, I think I actually did order too. It was like watching white people's porn and seeing gigantic basketball tits. Couldn't stop if I wanted to.
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

That's nice that you like it too. But I wouldn't say that Antica Formula is the best vermouth, because there hardly ever is such thing in life. Carpano Antica is very earthy, heavy, vanilla-y, tart. NP Rouge, for example, on the other hand is much fruitier and lighter. Carpano Antica may be superior for some cocktails that work with a "more dominating" vermouth rosso whereas other drinks would get overpowered by it. I, for one, think that the more dominating CA works well in a Negroni. But then again, it's completely subjective. Don't you agree?

Sure, "best" is meaningless without qualification and completrly subjective. I love it in a Negroni or perfect Rob Roy (with dry NP and Macallan 10YO sherry oak). What made it "best" is the fact it was ice cold in a glass right in front of me :)

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TLW in a vintage cocktail glass I just thrifted. smile.gif

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Looks good!

Missed the last page, thanks for the suggestions gents!
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Negroni, then a Hanky Panky which kinda is a Negroni without Campari but a dash of amaro. Interesting as well.
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I made a Berlioni the other night, a Negroni variant that uses Cynar instead of Campari.
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One of the few things I absolutely cannot drink is Cynar.

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I like my Negronis w/ Beefeater and Martini & Rossi. Seems to just embody what I always felt they should taste like.

On another note, I think I'm kinda' burnt on microbrews. Gonna step back and focus more on straight booze and cocktails for a while. In fact, a No.3 London Dry Gin martini is fixin' to be had just now.
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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post

One of the few things I absolutely cannot drink is Cynar.


That's how I feel about Campari. It makes me sad as I can't really participate in the Negroni fad.
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Have you tried Gran Classico?
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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post

One of the few things I absolutely cannot drink is Cynar.


imo, it's more pleasing than averna, though.
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What's wrong with Amaro? confused.gif
Oh, right, ignore.
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At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, this thread is about what you are drinking at the moment.

Had a long and stressful day, but I worked hard and got through it all, so now I'm just sitting back surfing SF with a Beamish. I really like this beer - good Irish Stout, nice and dark and heavy, with a creamy bitter finish. I got a 4-pack of the 16 ounce cans which have the nitrogen bubble ('widget') inside which is a nice touch.


Filtered H2O...  I'm at work and drinking is "frowned upon in this establishment".


Tonight I'll probably have a glass of inexpensive Cabernet or a glass of my favorite sipping wine:



20XX Adolph Müller Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling Spätlese.  It's not too sweet and has a subtle apple/citrus tongue.  It's also low in alcohol, about 11% I think.



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