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Anyone heard from ricky ho of jantzen lately?

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Sorry for another Jantzen thread, but I am getting a bit frustrated and was wondering if anyone else has had problems lately. The first shirt I ordered came 3 weeks later and was great. I ordered again in December (4 shirts), and Ricky was out of one of the fabrics, so I gave him a replacement and we had several email conversations after that, then nothing. I've written him like 7 times this month trying to find out where my shirts are from the December order and he's not returning my messages. Has anyone communicated with him lately? Ricky, if you are reading this, sorry to cally you out buddy, but please return my emails.
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Give him a call, I'm having similar problem albeit not after 7 emails. He recognised me straight away after I introduced myself and without explaining myself he knew the reason of my call.
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Ricky emailed me about 8 or 9 days ago letting me know that he'd ship my shirt order out (my first order) ASAP. The email came about 2 weeks after I put the order in. I used the online form.
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Stu: I heard from him last night, after an unduely long time since I placed my last order (The middle of January). I have ordered from Jantzen since May last year and the service has always been speedy. I assume that Mr. Ho was backed up, or perhaps life intruded on business. Bic
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I'm going to have to call the guy up on Monday. There are some issues about my shirts that still need to be figured out with him (namely, the width of my french cuffs.)
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Can someone kindly share how long did Mr Ho's packages take to arrive once they're shipped from Hong Kong? Also, if you order multiple shirts, do they arrive separately in their own envelopes or in a big box (which might take longer)?
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He is yet to respond to 3 e-mails sent every week and a half or so. I am very reluctant to just send someone money if they can not answer a few simple questions. I am very torn, while many people here have had positive comments I think I might wait to see what is going on first...
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gregory: How long it takes his shirts to arrive depends on where you live. I am in Tokyo, and they took less than a week. I belive they were posted by air mail. The most that I ever ordered was 11 or 12 at a time. They came in large paper envelopes (6 shirts or so to each envelope), and never came in a box. Bic
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. I am very reluctant to just send someone money if they can not answer a few simple questions.
Don't worry about getting ripped off. They don't charge your credit card until they send the shirts. Ricky finally returned my email last night and apologized, said the shirts are being made. Maybe this post did it?
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Thanks for the update.
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I got my first shirt the other day, a month after I put the order in. Not too bad for a quasi-MTM shirt. I hear his English is so-so, so if you do send emails, I'd recommend keeping the sentences short and simple. I've had pretty good luck in that he's usually responded within several days.
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Phew, just got off the phone with one of Ricky's assistants. He said Ricky was very busy, so I told him to have Ricky email me back about my issues with the french cuffs. His English wasn't the best, and I have a very hard time understanding English spoken with a Chinese accent, especially over the phone. Well, I hope to hear from him soon.
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I was in Ricky's shop in HK two days ago. Judging by the number of shirts bagged up and ready to go most of you will get your shirts forthwith, assuming he can get enough time to ship them. It's no wonder he isn't writing scads of email responses either: he had gents three deep in the shop and more in and out while I was there. He told me to expect a two week wait for delivery to the US. Nice guy, perhaps too much business is not always the best thing, especially for those of us in the queue.
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