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Static Cling?

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What do you do to combat it? It hasn't been much of an issue for me for years, but I recently got some new flannel slacks that seem to be cling-prone. I hate Static Guard -- is there any other solution?
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try those sheets you throw into the dryer, "Bounce"
for a full load of drying use 2 or 3 sheets.
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I hate Static Guard, too . . . but that's what I've been forced to use. You should see how trousers can get, after a white Turkish Van cat, rubs across them two or three times, just before you're to leave the house. My Siamese HAD to lie across any clothes I was going to wear, before I put them on. Sheer hell, for 23 years . . .
Bounce is good, but I can't stand that smell!! Do they make any unscented, dryer sheets?
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yes, bounce does have unscented ones . they have a range from 4 all they way to 0 in scent.
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Oh, that's good to know!! Thank you, diorshoe.
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Since I'm not throwing my slacks into the dryer, do I just rub the sheet around the inside of my pant leg? Don't you need the dryer heat to activate the sheet's anti-cling properties?
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im not really sure about that.
but if you are not drying them in the dryer and just flat drying them, how are you getting static cling?
or you are developing them somehow after some wearings? it may be the conditions inside your home, but lets see if someone more knowledgeable can answer this.

i dont think bounce works that way, rubbing it around won't help it i dont think,
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I once bought a bunch of socks from Ben Silver that clung to everything. I threw them out. I hav no advice about your pants.
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You can put your dry wool slacks in the dryer with bounce sheets for a few minutes. You can also wash your socks with a little softner to get rid of cling.
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Originally Posted by Quirk
I hate Static Guard -- is there any other solution?
A light misting of water will neutralize static cling, though it could cause spotting on certain fabrics. You may want to turn on the humidifier because if your clothes have static cling (not caused by a clothes dryer) then your skin will dry as well.
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