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How many of us here would get tired and bored of our clothes after a while? I find that the only things that I don't get tired of are basic solids (like a light blue shirt, or pair of navy slacks). I seem to get tired of my other purchases rather easily, and I was wondering if I'm the only person feeling this way .... because once I get tired of something I feel the temptation to throw it away, eventhough I know my actions don't make sense
I find that I get tired of most of my things very quickly, theres only a couple of things I have that I never tire of, a couple of pairs of solid color pants, a red stripe shirt and a blue stripe shirt, everything else I go in cycles with, Ill like it for a while, then Ill get tired of it and not wear it for a while, then I will look in my closet and see it and like it again, etc.