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Can anyone help me out with this request... I really don't want to pay $550 through South Willard when I see it retails for almost $100 less in Asia (33,600 yen), but I can't seem to find a reliable site to purchase through. I'd really not like to pay more than $500 total with shipping incl. Preferably less if that's possible, as it's way overpriced to begin with!

Does anyone have a lead on where I might find a navy Postalco cape for less than SW is offering, or a direct contact through the company or another retailer to purchase? I would do PayPal if anyone here could help fill this request.

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pics and/or link?
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USD $600.00 with Shipping! Yes, I spent six hundred dollars on a large piece of nylon. It better f'in rain a LOT this year!!
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It is beautifully simplistic though, and will look fab with a pair of orig. navy Hunter wellies... I just don't understand the $200+ mark up here in North America.
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Ok, this is the same Postalco.
Here is the link to the shop.

It isn't listed as a product on the site. I have been to the real shop in Japan and it is small and quaint. By small I mean it is probably 12x12 feet.

In any case, on the site it says to contact the shop directly with inquiries on items that are not on the site. The email address is:

Here is a list of other retailers. There are lots.
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Thanks, I contacted them last week...
Originally Posted by Postalco Office
Thank you very much for the message. You can imagine that things are pretty upside down right now in Tokyo. Our office is closed for the week and possibly next week. I definitely recommend trying to find the item you are looking for from one of our retailers. The price difference is difficult to explain but it is often related to a combination of shipping costs, import duties and also exchange rates. To add to it we make these in pretty small quantities so there are not tons of them floating around. I hope that things take a turn for the normal in the next few weeks and we are able to return to work as usual. If you have any other inquiries please feel free to write at this email address: I really appreciate your taking the time to write and am sorry that I cannot be of more help.
Most of the US retailers only carry their paper and art supply products. I didn't do an exhaustive search, but was only able to find this particular item through South Willard. In fact, several other retailers pointed em in this direction as well. I guess distribution was extremely limited. With shipping to Canada, it cost me $600.00 which is quite outlandish! But I guess there was little choice with this one. I'd be very surprised if anyone found another for less. Maybe on eBay if one were to get lucky, but chances are scarce...
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Sounds like you did your homework. The OP seems to have disappeared. I have a few of their items--one bookcover and one envelope--and they are really well-made and functional. They are a pleasure to use and would recommend them for the simplicity and quality. I hope you have many years of dry and healthy use of the poncho!
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Sorry for the confusion but I AM actually the OP... I registered to this site last week and then asked a friend (bananafish) to help me sell some clothing in the forums. Rather then deal with the onslaught of incoming mail and questions fielded to me, I started sharing his account to respond to pm's myself. The original question was posed by me... and then I gave in and splurged on the damn thing at South Willard! Thanks for the suggestions and help though!
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Originally Posted by countcount View Post
I hope you have many years of dry and healthy use of the poncho!

I sure hope it rains a lot.. I want to get my money's worth!
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