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Sweater Washing

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I am looking at a sweater from Gap. On the website is says that the sweater is to be dry cleaned. It's composed of 60% Cotton, 30% Nylon, and 10% Wool. I am a college student and kind of low on cash. I was wondering if you think that I would be ok to wash it, and what the possible results would be. Thanks a lot for the help.
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If anything I would use woolite on the delicate cycle. then lay it out flat horizontally to dry.
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i have several nice wool and blend sweaters that are dry clean only. i always HAND wash them, and they turn out just fine.
fill a tub with cold water and a mild soap/detergent. hand wash gently , do not stretch by pulling and tugging sweater out of the water, as weight of water will stretch it. add a little bit of fabric softener in last rinse water.
might want to wash each sweater seperately as dyes come out initially for certain colored sweaters.
dry flat, do not wring out excess water, press it out.
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The above reply is excellent, and comprehensive. But . . . unless you're willing to wash the sweater as suggested, have it dry cleaned.
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Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it, I think I will purchase it, the price is great and they have it in a medium tall.
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