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dress shirt proper fit.

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I would like to know the proper size for a casual dress shirt.

I am wondering about a size small and a medium. I went to Jcrew today and the small gives me a better image, it doesn't look baggy and gives a very clean appearence. But I was worried about the tightness when i pull my shoulders back, the shirt is pulling on the front buttons. When i relax, they're perfectly fine.

The shirt is well fit, but maybe a tight when i twist my body on purpose. I know that dress shirt shouldn't be roomy, but i would like to know the proper wear. I am worried, because I dont want to buy something and find out that i bought something too small. When i was wearing the shirt, i didn't have a undershirt on.
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when it tightens at the buttons then it is maybe too small for you.
you want some room in the dress shirt, to allow for movement, imo.
another thing, the shirt will inevitably shrink if it is cotton when you wash it so it will become tighter.

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To paraphrase Russell Smith: will you be playing basketball in the shirt? If I torque my shoulders all the way back in a stretch the buttons pull, but it looks fine with normal movement. How do the shoulders fit? Is the shirt slim fitting? Try on a sack-cut. Try on some shirts with different pleats on the back.
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Jared, I dont know if these are questions you want me to answer or if you're just quoting because its relevant to this topic.

but to answer; no, yes, the shoulders fit perfect, the shirt is tailor fit, don't know what sack-cut, its a casual dress shirt, so I dont think there's pleats in the back.

I have a 37-38 in chest. small sz is 35-37 and medium is 38-40. Its 100 cotton, so it might shrink, but the medium makes figure a bit sloppy. the small fits well, but is tight when i torque my body around. So i guess, my new question is, when your body size fits right in the middle of a small and a medium, which one do i get? (the shoulder fit and length fit look about the same, just the width is noticable)

I appreciate any input from you guys, its just a bit worriedsome, i dont want to spend money and find out i bought the wrong size. Thanks in advance.
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J crew has a liberal return policy.
buy the shirt and post a few pictures of yourself. the forum will give you many opinions.

By the sound of your discription, I think you wil be happy with the small.

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