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Bluefly code request

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does anyone have a new bluefly discount code? it seems "GIFTBLUE22" and "SAVE20NOW" have both expired. thanks.
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Bluefly is currently running a promotion where they are giving away a Birkin bag. If you enter in the sweepstakes, they are providing one-time use codes. They range from 20% off, 10% off%, 10% off w/free shipping. It's the luck of the draw.
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itzamazing, do you have to actually "win" those codes? or do they simply give the codes to you when you registered?
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Registered and didn't win... anyone have a code? Pete
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I won a code for 10% for today: BTUXNJA. I don't know if they keep track of these or not or if they only allow each code to be used once, but since I'm not going to buy anything today anyway, feel free. If anyone gets a 20% coupon, please post.
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I got a code for 20% off today from that contest thing: 37TPWN4 Don't know if it will work tomorrow or for anyone else but it's worth a try.
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10% off for today 7JUM4XV
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20 percent off 47N8CUD
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Well, I won a Birkin Bag. Any idea what they are worth? Should I sell it, or give to my wife for Christmas?
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No shit? Wow. Upwards of 7 large. Your wife will love you forever.
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Should I sell it, or give to my wife for Christmas?
Well, how much do you love your wife?
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Well, I won a Birkin Bag.  Any idea what they are worth? Should I sell it, or give to my wife for Christmas?
If you are in fact serious, sell it on ebay. You'll get much more than the retail cost, which is $7,000+ for most of the bags. I've seen them on ebay sell for double the price they retail for (due to the waiting list - people want it NOW). Then, take your earnings and pick up a Kiton suit, some Charvet ties, Borrelli shirts, and a pair of EG's.
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Congratulations. According to the rules, there will be only 1 Birkin given away, so congratulations. Doesn't quite equal winning Powerball, but still... Bluefly estimates the value of the Birkin at $7500; they get to choose the color, so it could be sort of funky. Also, if they report this to the IRS, you'll have to pay tax on it, so that will be up to $3000 (at a 40% marginal tax rate). Finally, they may well want to use your picture as advertising fodder; hope you like seeing your face in lights. Since you frequent this forum, at least you should be able to be well dressed.
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Apparently there are 3 bags, so keep trying everyone. And it looks like Bluefly will pay the taxes for you. Congrats HRHAndrew. 7. Prizes: THREE (3) GRAND PRIZES: ONE (1) Hermès Birkin Bag. Approximate Retail Value ("ARV") is $7,500. Sponsor will choose the color of the bag in its sole discretion. ONE (1) FIRST PRIZE: a $500 Gift Certificate to ARV: $500. Odds of winning a prize depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Promotion Period divided by the number of prizes. Prizes will be fulfilled within 6-8 weeks after winner verification is complete. For all prizes: No cash or other substitution, assignment or transfer of any prizes permitted, except by Sponsor, who reserves the right to substitute a prize or prize component with cash or another prize of comparable or greater value. Winner is responsible for all federal, state and local taxes and fees (collectively, "Taxes") associated with prize receipt and/or use, provided that Bluefly will pay prize winners a cash amount equal to 81.8% of the ARV of the prize as compensation for winner's responsibility for such Taxes. TOTAL ARV OF ALL PRIZES: $23,000.
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Fast reply, this is a scam... (Well feels like one) Now that I won, I am in a secondary drawing to be held on June 1st.   How very sad. I wonder how many people will be in the drawing for the 3 bags.
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