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Chevy commercial

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I was watching the game tonight and between the 3rd and 4th inning, they showed a Chevy truck commercial. It was entirely in Spanish! Hmmm.....
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Where do you live?
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Originally Posted by ATM
Where do you live?

Nueva York.
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Makes sense. According to the 2000 census, NYC is 27% Hispanic.
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I saw it here in Metro Detroit too. I have a feeling that someone pushed the wrong button and played the hispanic version of the spot, because later in the broadcast they had the same ad but it was in english. When I was doing spots, we'd always do a hispanic versions of the big projects, to air on Hispanic television.
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As I recall, there was a gradual change in the Spanish/English mix. At the beginning, it was all in Spanish; after a few ads, it was some Spanish and some English; and at the end, it was all English. I think there was something subliminal going on, but I couldn't place a finger on it. Anyhow, it was odd.
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Now Chevy's hablaing some espanol during the game and my wallet's missing. I'm not riding in any more Chevy's.
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Is this that truck commercial where it's all about like being really American? I've seen one of those recently and thought it was pretty funny and overdone.
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because being really American is all about driving trucks that are built from parts from Canada/Mexico/other outer countries and assembled outside of the US.
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