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Hey everyone I'm new here and need some hair tips (hence the name). My hair has this bad habit of growing "up" and "poofy" and no matter what I do I can't stop it from growing that way. I usually have my hair to the side but am looking for a new look but ultimately wanting my hair to stop growing up and staying poofy. Any advice on how I should cut it and what products to use will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!






As you can see in some pictures my hair grows up and stays poofy. I added another to show how I currently have my hair but it's pretty bland. Thanks again


edit: and my hair is very thick too. I would love to have thin hair..

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Use a non sulfate shampoo. Boom.
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non sulfate shampoo. got it. Ill try that out and see if it thins out my hair thanks!

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Hello everyone, Im looking for a new hair style. Something classic. Whats your opinion on this hairstyle?
What barbers in New Jersey that you would suggest?
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I already use Lay-rite for a hi-sheen wet look. However, I now need product for a dry matte look. My hair is quite thick.


My current options are:


Gatsby(purple or pink, I believe)

ID hair dusty bronze

Schwartzkopf Osis+ Mess UpTexture Matte gum

A wax from Bumble & Bumble


I don't want to turn this into a big deal and i'll probably end up ordering  2 or 3 of these all at once, but if anyone has any thoughts on these, or anything else that you might happen to use, please do so. 

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Baxter makes a decent matte product but is a bitch to get out of your hair. I only use it where I part my hair and where my hair doesnt want to do what I want it to.
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Originally Posted by AndrewDoesHair View Post

Hi, official hair thread, my name is Andrew.

I've spent 10 years focusing on perfecting men's hairdressing, I've made several youtube videos on the topic of styling hair (admittedly, they have poor editing and quality, but I assure you they're rich in content), I teach cutting, styling, and marketing men's hair at a few local cosmetology and barber colleges, and I am in the process of working with a few other masters of their trades (a barber and a graphic designer) to create a line of custom formulated hair styling products. I've experienced what I'd consider a tremendous response to my Instagram page (@andrewdoeshair), where I find myself answering many of the questions I see a lot of you guys asking on this forum, too. If you'd allow me, I'd love to share some of what I know about hair.


Awesome post and awesome YouTube channel. This is completely the opposite of how I approach my hair.
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Any hair dryer suggestions? I never used one, but ADH claims that I should be.


Also, anyone have any suggestions for good barbers/hairdressers in Austin?

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Originally Posted by ErikW View Post

Any hair dryer suggestions? I never used one, but ADH claims that I should be.

ADH recommended the Super Solano. I've never used it but placed an order for one today.

I have a cheap one I got from kmart and used ADH advice and I must say I completely saw a huge change in my hair. All of these years I was using product to hold my hair up and simply by using a blow dryer to blow it where I want it and using a little bit of product made all of the difference in the world. Some of the best advice i've gotten about hair .....ever.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for thinning hair?
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I'm fascinated with the way 60s people styled their hair, especially this guy:


(Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys)

As illustrated below, the dude's hair ISN'T naturally like that and I'm dying to know what hair products people used back then to achieve those results (apart from the flat iron, if it was fashionable in the 60s).


My natural hair is slightly wavy and resembles his a bit, but every shampoo I ever tried completely destroys it. It dries it up completely, makes it light up in color, and gives it a hay-like texture that makes it impossible to style. It gets ruined at the lightest contact with wind. I don't blowdry it because it damages the hair, sometimes it curls up on the sides like little wings and sometimes the result is quite nice and straight. Here's my hair before and after shampooing, I've only combed it in the second picture because otherwise it's all over the place.


Can anybody shed some light on this? What hair products would you recommend? Thanks!
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Are you Demetri Martin?
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Hey I'm new here, looking for some hair advice. I'm getting sick of my hair and I feel that as I get older so should my hair. So I need a change. In the following album is my hair normally, and just some experimental undercut pics. My ears and nose are problems, as they are big. Any help is appreciated.

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no groundbreaking advice here, but the style in the 4th pic and forward will look good if you just get it trimmed.
1 cm on the sides maybe, and 5-6 up top
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Looking for a place in Winston Salem or G'boro, NC for a haircut.

Asian and I like fades at the sides and the back and a little texture at the top. I'm a transplant here, from NYC/NJ, and I don't know if I've just never noticed it before, but I've never had this problem. The places here seem to be unable to give a really good fade. Sometimes there's a drastic transition between the short hair to the long hair, so it looks like there's a line, sometimes there's patches that have uneven length. I've gone to 2 guys who can do fades, but they can't cut for texture. I've been going to them for a bit, but I wanted to see if there were actual places that could do both.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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