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Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

Do tell please

Glasses look good on people. Glasses look good on him, just not those ones. American Crew Products are actually pretty good.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Glasses look good on people. Glasses look good on him, just not those ones. American Crew Products are actually pretty good.

Well regarding American Crew it was in my opinion and experience, and with glasses I just thought he looked far better without them than with them.
But yeah, there's likely some kind that look good on him 

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Wondering what product to use for this hairstyle.

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Nothing. Just a good cut.
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How would you get it to stay up though?

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Blow dryer. To me that looks just like the guys natural hair.
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You could also try hair powder.
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Originally Posted by cherrybomb826 View Post

Okay, PHEW I've been looking for the past few minutes trying to find a HAIR thread. And now I've found one! :) For a long time, I've been searching for a forum so that I can get opinions on what kind of new hairstyle I should get. I'll give you some info (face shape, eyes, etc.)


Face Shape: A large forehead, shapeless eyebrows, slightly pointy chin, and when I smile my cheeks make my eyes disappear

Eye Shape: Asian (because I AM Asian)

Eye Color: Extremely dark brown

Hair Color: Extremely dark brown

Current Hairstyle: to my chest, really long bangs, and weirdly wavy (you wouldn't say its wavy but not straight either, it's like...square wavy....?)

Wanted Guidelines: If it requires straightening, waving, or curling, or something like that, then it has to be brushing shoulders or above. If it doesn't require any altering using heat or stuff, then anything is fine. But for both lengths, it could be sophisticated, and maybe catching boys' attentions, and not too short like this:, it should be longer than that. 


THANKS for the help! I really would like a new hairstyle, so please help me! :) 

Try going for a longer hairstyle — that takes no effort (other than being careful not to damage your hair).

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Alright so this is what I want:






This is me and my current hairstyle:





My question: Is my hair line to long for this to work? If so, what are some good styles for me? I really like the look of a undercut. But I also like this: 


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Originally Posted by Max727 View Post




If you want a style along the lines of what you posted, just ask them to put in a part (usually lined up around the middle of the eyebrow on the side it's on) and leave it long on top but clean on the sides. Just ask them what they'd suggest as far as how short to go and how to shape it up through the sides for your head shape or just do some more searching and find what you think would work. At my barber shop it's tough to get them to leave it longer on top than they usually do when I get a skin fade while I'm trying to grow it out, it's just how they cut medium length hair I guess, it's always a good shape and proportion though so it works. 


I used to have somewhat of an undercut that was pretty long on top for a while just over a year ago or so. Used to get my haircut at this lady I knows house, she worked at a salon and had a nice setup in her basement at home too, for me it's always seemed that she/women in general cut long hair and messy styles better and barber shops are better for simple clean cuts of short to medium length, especially if clippers are involved. I've been trying to get this style back for a while but I've been getting the sides buzzed to a skin fade and I like to take it back down every 2 weeks and the barber shop always trims the top when they do the fade to make it work so it doesn't get much longer than it was by the next time.


When I had this I would ask her to leave like 2-3 inches on top and then the sides were about a 3-5 clipper length or so. I think she did some layering and other shit for texture that the barbers usually don't, one time one dude gave me trouble for asking him to point cut it to add texture, he did it for me but it's just not what they usually do there, and that's why I think it's good to find a lady you know or some shit to cut certain styles over going to a barber shop. 


Here's some pictures of the old cut I had over a length of time. The only one that isn't from over a year ago is the bottom one and that's a grown out fade I had just a few months back.


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Do you think the style would work on me though?

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What I tried to explain is that, yes, some variation of the long parted top cut will work for you, just ask whoever cuts your hair what would work best for your head for a style along those lines. Just about any hair style can be adjusted for any person, at least I'd think so to some extent.

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Looking for help with the hair on the left. I've got relatively thick, straight hair, and would love any help on how to get the left look.

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Hey how's it going? New to the site and was looking for a little help figuring out what my face shape is and which hairstyles that go well with it :D. 
I don't have any hairstyles in mind, just want something that fits haha. I have 0 fashion sense so any help is appreciated.

Here's a photo for my face shape.



Here's a photo of my hair


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