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I fail to see why either of those two conditions would make you averse to using conditioner. Get a good, sulfate-free, natural conditioner (I use Kiehl's). As you can probably tell from my picture, I'm of Indian stock. When I go back to ze motherland for extended trips (always like a month minimum), I've never had any issues (I'm assuming your issue is the heat/humidity in Singapore?) conditioning every day. In fact it keeps my hair soft, light and non-"poofy". As for breakouts, I haven't heard of people breaking out from conditioners unless it's because you use something that aggravates your skin and you don't change your bedding often/rinse your hair before sleeping.  Perhaps you just need a try a few different ones or something?


Also, most people on here will tell you that they favor conditioning to shampooing every day, and the shampoo is something that they use less often. Being in a hot climate just means you need to scrub harder or shampoo more often, I just don't understand why you wouldn't condition every day (especially if you're going to use a soap/shampoo and take out a lof the natural oils, etc in your scalp/hair that would help keep the poof down).


I suggest this because in my experience if you use some sort of grooming gel, spray, cream, wax, etc it shows on some level. Leave-in conditioner is a lot more natural looking and still helps with the poofy/voluminous sides (for me anyway, everyone's hair is different).

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You can get Kent combs at a place called M.I.N. in soho.
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Left my hair clay near my space heater and its pretty gooey now... did that do any damage to it or does it not matter?

edit: ok fuck I tried it when it dried up and its still much gooeyer than originally. doesnt hold well either, shits pretty much done. fuck. $20 wasted.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

You can get Kent combs at a place called M.I.N. in soho.

You rock, sir.


Anecdotally: I was strolling through an impressively bland suburban shopping mall (god when will winter break ever end baldy[1].gif ) and to my surprise, they replaced one of those shitastic mall jewelers with a Lush boutique. Da fuq?! Went inside, and 'lo and behold, they had a pile of Big Tease that was getting ready to be scrapped and I managed to purchase some. Today was indeed a good day. Also got a sample of Dirty, can't wait to see if this Lush business is indeed the wunderkind I was searching for.

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Originally Posted by VirtruviusR View Post

My current routine is fine, have no problems styling.

Only thing is that I have chinese hair, which means my sides always sticks out since my hair texture is coarse and straight.


any recs for a product that can hold my sides down but has a matte finish? Don't like brushing down my sides every 2 hours. (with my kent comb of course)

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Originally Posted by jimmyd760 View Post

Trying to get this hairstyle. Would anyone know what the cut or anything like that is? Thank you!


It is called an undercut. Just long on the top and like a 1 on the sides with no blending. It's the same haircut nick wooster and David Beckham have. Coincidentally, it is the same haircut I have.
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Hair related: Cleaned some frost/ice of the car this morning after showering. Hair fucking FROZE cry.gif WTF


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Hair is doing better in terms of dryness such but I have this weird problem where my hairstays relatively smooth and soft until it gets to the ends where it kinda flips out and gets a little dryer. Why is that? My back will be trimmed more than the rest (kinda getting to an odd chili bowl look) so that should take care of that but what about my bangs? Is it split ends?



Also, anyone else try to fight the directions their cowlick goes in the back? My hair is thinner on one side so I try to part from thick to thin and its a pain in the ass lol.

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And I shampoo at least once daily. No issues with styling really.
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need new hair style any advice

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Originally Posted by ChiTiz View Post

need new hair style any advice

Your going to need to grow your hair first. Post back in 6-8 month.
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Get a zero

Aka male pattern baldness haircut

You'll be at the head of the trend
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i just grabbed a bunch of cheap drugstore products...went on a loreal spree since the invisi gel and dirty clay worked decently for me in the past.

this works for slicking down the sides and imparting a slight sheen to the voluminous part of the quiff (where it starts from the part). Also the sides remain soft and sleek...i just basically re-comb my sides every few hours w/o having to use hairspray to set the sides in the 1st place. So yea no more weird stiff looking sides which is a plus.

otherwise, its horrible for anything else. Wax-based, so its horribly oily and applying it to other areas of my hair turned out to be a nightmare....@ SGD $5 a tub it's aight.

Yeah still like my hairbond, sebastain and expensive sprays but drugstore stuff works well for my slick-backs/side parts etc.

Gonna try my grandad byrlcreem next week.
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Chitiz: Get this and post a photo afterwards

I'm interested to see
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