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That might be ok. But the bronner's is a pain. You can dilute a bunch at a time.
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that bronners stuff is dope, i feel like my pomp hasn't been this soft/full in a long time. Also dat lemon taste good
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So I picked up The Big Tease at a Lush store today, after reading about it here and it being discontinued. On the label it says it has a "fantastic shine". Just how fantastic is this shine? I prefer low shine/matte finish and I haven't used this yet. I was told this was the last one they had in the store, so I just bought it anyways. If it's too shiny, I may return it.

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It isn't too shiny. Also after it dries in your hair if you just quickly run your fingers over it the little shine that it has totally disappears. The R&B and Dirty creams are way shinier.
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Got some questions about the ole hair (male, btw). I have rather wavy, dry, thick hair. It's getting to a length now where I don't want to style it with pomade anymore and just wanna let my hair do its thing. I recently have been washing my hair in this routine:


Monday: Shampoo (put in at the beginning of shower, then wash out at the end)

              Put conditioner in after that, and wait about 3-4 minutes and wash out


Tuesday: Just conditioner (put in at beginning of shower, the wash out at the end)


Wednesday: Same thing as Tuesday


Thursday: Repeat Monday



Essentially I skip 2 days. Both my shampoo and conditioner are moisturizing and are recommended for dry hair.


My hair still seems a little too thick on days that I wash it with shampoo and need some recommendations on what to do and if I am currently doing something wrong. I was thinking about either


1. Skipping another day of shampoo


2. Keeping same pattern but applying leave in conditioner after I get out of shower



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Get rid of the sulphates and silicones. Go for all natural products that I spoke about in here earlier and skip more shampoo days.
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How does the Dirty product wash out? And how does this go for people who sweat a lot? I'd go the all-natural route and skip shampooing days but I'm hesitant to do so working out/playing sports 4x a week and sweating like hell with set-in product.
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I don't really remember, but there are a lot of oils in it and such so I would imagine it would be hard to get it all out just with water.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

The Bronner's rinse is insanely hard to find. I still haven't found a place in New York that carries it. I have only gotten it online. There are a lot of sulfate-free and silicone free conditioners out there you can get easily. I will warn you the Bronner's in a very weird product. You have to dilute it and pour it over your hair and massage it in. Since it is mostly lemon juice it burns like the devil's asshole if you get it in your eyes, or if you just shaved. While it is cumbersome, and odd I find that it works very well to make your hair sleek without buildup. If you want to try to find a regular sulfate free silicone free conditioner Loreal makes one in a orange/rust colored plastic jar that is very good.


Why do you say diluting is a must and roughly how much do you dilute it? I've been using it for a month or so now and really like it (haven't diluted it at all), but God damn it hurts when I get some in my eyes or a cut or something.

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I believe the instructions are to dilute it; check the bottle. It's a concentrated formula.
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Hey guys!


Just signed up to the forum but I like what I'm seeing so far. Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys thought would be an appropriate hairstyle for me (heres a secret, I'm 21 and have never been to a barber/salon because my mom is a out of practice barber, or used to be, and she's been cutting my hair since birth). Anyway does anyone have any suggestions (or can anyone weight in on what my face shape is? Google wont tell me because every site has a different opinion - the general toss up seems to be between heart shaped and diamond). Also, would anyone be kind enough to enlighten me on barbershop/hair salon etiquette? How do you go get your hair cut? I mean do I bring a picture or do I ask the person cutting my hair what would look good? LOL sorry for sounding so newby and stupid but it is what it is. Thanks for any future input !



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Right on the bottle it says 2-3 capfulls in a cup of water. Something I tried yesterday was putting some right in my hand, a small amount and cupping my hands and getting a bit of water in my cupped hands and using that. I find it is successful, however I have to do this like three times in order to get the product to actually evenly get in my hair. Just a glop of it doesn't spread well and the results aren't as good.
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pssh who reads the actual instructions for things? biggrin.gif Thanks.

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I just keep a tall plastic cup in the shower, pour a little in each time and fill the cup with shower water, the cover it with my palm and shake it up. It's no hassle at all. No need to pre-mix a big batch. 

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Anyone ever use sea salt spray?
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