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My hair is pretty much the same size and texture, I just want to know how I can style it like this. What kind of product do you think he used? How did he go about styling it? From what I can tell, it doesn't look like gel, more like a wax or something that is in his hair.

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Get a cut like the guy below. You have a long oval face.
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Originally Posted by dom999 View Post

how do i get my hair like that? cut & product... looks awesome

1) Print the picture out or transfer the .JPG to your portable communications device.

2) Walk into the salon or barber shop. Read magazines until your name is called.

3) Show the stylist the picture. Ask them to cut it like that.

4) Ask the stylist which products will work for that look and with your hair type.
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what hair product will get my hair looking like this?


i have asian hair, pretty thin and it just flops on my head and parts in the middle
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Any time you see an obvious studio modeling shot like the one above, you can be pretty certain the product is strong hold hair spray.
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Good point.

What I'm aiming for is a messy-looking hair style, kinda like the "just got out of bed" look but neater.
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Originally Posted by mntran19 View Post

Good point.

What I'm aiming for is a messy-looking hair style, kinda like the "just got out of bed" look but neater.

Have you watched the channel on Youtube?
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willpower i am going to post a pic of my hair asap and i hope you can recommend me something (0)

i have been putting off a haircut for 1.5 months now i think. i usually brushed it to the side nowadays to try to keep it tidy. I want a haircut and new style by the end of august...

figure i chop off the sides/ trim it down to like 1 or 1.5 on the side and just texture my top portion, but do not take off any length.

I actually like this style that you posted will:


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I think this would suit you well. It's a good cut and it wouldn't need a huge modification to your existing hair to achieve the look - some chunky layers and trimming of the sides would be the only requirements, plus some pomade or wax for the top - ask your stylist about that. Bring the pic with you so they know exactly what you want. It's important they get the front part cut just the same as he has it - it's all about the choppiness.


I like that cut in the Youtube vid, but I don't know if it would suit the texture of your hair. There's also something very Aryan soldier about it that might or might not translate to an Asian guy. Then again, you could be a trend setter.
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thanks, i like that too. would probably get a shorter on the side as my hair tends to grow quick..

any better angles of that hairdo?

the hairdo in the vid is cool but may require a lot of hair product than i would not want or manage.

watching "source code" with Jake Gyllenhaal right now and feeling the 'army hairdo' as well. probably leave the top a bit longer though..

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Yeah man, whatever you like. Check out that channel on youtube - tons of different hairstyles as well.

The actor in the pic I posted is Colin Morgan

You can do it all in steps - you can try the Colin Morgan look for a month or two. If you're going back to school I think that one will make you look more affable which is always a good thing when you're meeting new people. And If you're not into it you can always cut it more similar to Jake or the Aryan kid in the video.
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I could never really find a good hairstyle for myself. Usually when I got to get it cut it gets nearly buzzed and I secretly tell myself FML while its getting cut then when it grows out, it gets to long in the back compared to the front. and I can grow lots of facial hair, but it doesn't match my hair color 100% so it looks dumb which is why i don't have side burns. I have always wanted to try to short on sides and long on top look but don't really know if it would suit me. any ideas please? frown.gif

here's 2 more recent pictures of me if it helps any
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maybe it's just me but i think the shorter on the side and longer/or even shorter or same length suits you better.

so i brought in the laptop with some photos of jake gyllenhaal and asked for said cut. girl laughed at me and basically gave me a small speech about being realistic. 'asian hair does not sit flat like that' lol8[1].gif yeah i knew that but still want something similar.

haircut came out good, i love it--first time saying this post haircut. so the results of showing a photo is a lot better. plus i found a new salon and the girl was pretty/cute. win-win
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