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Get the sideburns and nape (mullet zone) trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks and as the rest of your hair gets longer it'll lay back more easily. The longer it is, the more it bends. Use a hairdryer and a brush to pull it back in small sections as you dry it and you can get a plethora of looks from it as it grows. Glue it back with product and it looks like it was glued back, but change what it wants to do by using a hairdryer, making it lay back before you apply product, and you can use any product on it that you want for various looks. Once the hair is long enough it'll do more than just lay back, it'll start to move and fall by it's own weight, when this happens it'll benefit you to have your hairdresser shape up the sides so that you have some proper shape (hair that falls within confined parameters always falls attractively. Hair that falls without shape looks like a mess. This is the difference between looking like you just woke up and looking like you just woke up next to a supermodel). A lot of people with thick hair like yours think they need to thin it out to make it manageable, but if you want it to lay back this is the last thing you'll want to do. Thinning the hair removes weight, but weight is what makes hair lay down. Every hair that they cut shorter to thin it out will then want to act the way your hair acts when it's shorter-- it'll want to stick out. 

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Can anyone recomend me a good shampoo? I have been using head and shoulders but I read its not healthy for your hear so now I am looking for a new company. When I searched on Amazon I found this company called Maple Holistics. Does anyone have any experience with them?

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I've been using Davines products. Love them.
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