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Before I leave for work, I put some gel in my hair and comb it diagonally backwards. If I stay inside, it looks great. But, for example, if I drive with the windows down or stay outside in the wind too long, it just blows out the gel and it starts getting extremely messy again. I can't even crack the car window for 5 minutes without completely messing up my hair. Where I live, the weather is great year-round and I love driving with the windows down, so this ruins it.


I'm already using a gel with a very strong hold, but my hair is naturally very messy and wavy. I was wondering if there is a way to "lock it in" after you comb it and get it the way you want it. Is there another product, or a technique that will set it in place and ensure that wind doesn't mess it up?


I know next to nothing about hair styling and before a few months ago I had never used product in my life, so any advice would be appreciated.

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Blow dry it
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You may just need a product with stronger hold. What kind of gel are you using?
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I've been using gatsby hair wax perfect hold, but I guess all of these points have become moot. I cut my hair recently into a much shorter faux hawk. I'm tired of trying to fight with my hair. Thanks for the recommendations though. I'll look into blow drying and other products in the future.

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