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thanks for the pm, will buy in near future
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Received my zissou belt today - it is beautiful. Highly recommended!
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Got mine today, these belts are amazing. Everyone should buy one (or more).
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
Card Cases
All card cases are made from 4-5oz veg tanned leather, and are available in the same colors as the belts. If you have any ideas for customizing to make any of this work better for you, just let me know.
Card case 01 - $38
This simple card case can hold up to 6 credit cards easily, but will fit more with a little stretching. The flap closure is very secure, but easy to open for quick access.
In natural and British tan:

In oxblood(x2), black, and natural

Here's my old natural card case after several months of use:

Could you emboss a monogram on these?
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I'll answer here, since it's something I forgot to include in the OP. Yes, I can monogram any of the leather goods I make. I have three different size letter sets in caps only, ~4mm, 6mm, and 7mm high. I've been using the first Card Case 04 for the past couple of months, and it's done well for me. It holds the usual 5-6 cards, and has a little cash pocket on the back. I made mine in natural, but I think this would look great in black. That's a circa 1910 5/8" pea coat button that I use on it. I'll add it to the OP in the next day or two...
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This thread is lacking in customer photos, so here is my natural key chain at about 2.5 months:

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this is awesome, do you ship international?
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^All prices include worldwide shipping. Here's a card case 01 that I sized up for someone to hold a French ID, shown next to my standard size card case 04. Anything can be adjusted for a custom use!
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Received my Card Case 04 and Im very pleased!
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How does his leather compared with Tanner goods ? Not trying to put yours down but just wondering how your 9oz compared with TG's 11oz I'm in the market for belt and keychain - been looking for a while now Are you able to do a custom made keychain for my Honda key ?
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received my card case! great seller with nice items.
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I can't leave you a message because i'm new here, so i post my request in this topic :

I'd like to know if it's possible to have the same card case as the french who wanted an other size for his french id.

In natural tan if possible.

Thanks and sorry for my english
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^I think we've been communicating via email? Thanks for all of the positive comments and feedback, everyone! Here's Card Case 04 in black. I'm thinking I might make myself a black set soon....
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Where can i find your e-mail ?
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PM'd dude

i want to place an order but do you want me to send payment as goods or personal or what ? lol
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