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Zissou's handmade leather belts, card cases, and key chains

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7/31/11 - BELT SALE!

I went through my box of buckles today, and realized that I've accumulated a ton of buckles lately. So, I thought I'd have a little sale on some of my belts. All belts are still available in the same European 9oz veg tanned leather, with hand burnished edges, and any of my usual colors.

Belts made with the following buckles are $70 shipped worldwide
Standard roller buckles - 1.5" - brass and nickel
Clipped corner buckles - 1.5" - antique brass, nickel, antique nickel, pewter
Quick release - 1.5" - antique nickel
Heel bar - 1.5" - brass
Oval - 1" and 0.75" - brass and nickel

Square roller belts are still $85 shipped worldwide
Brass and nickel - 1", 1.25", and 1.5"

25% off key chains and card cases still applies when you order a belt!


Prices are listed in each section, and turn around time on the card cases and key chains is 2-3 days, and about one week on the belts, due to time spent dyeing and oiling. Delays can occur if I am working on several orders at once. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!

When you order a belt, you get 25% off any card cases and key chains

All prices include worldwide shipping via USPS First Class

Handmade Leather Belts
All belts are hand cut, dyed, stitched, edged, and burnished by yours truly. I'm currently using ~9 oz premium veg tanned leather from one of the oldest tanneries in Europe. It is thick, but particularly supple! I've steadily been improving the leather that I use for my belts, and this is definitely the nicest so far.

Unless noted, all belts are 1.5" wide.  All belts, except those made with clipped corner, or garrison buckles, will have a hand-stitched keeper that is a custom fit for each belt. My keepers hold the belt snug so it doesn't bulge out in front when buckled.

There are many ways to customize your belt!
You have the choice of the following points:
1. clipped
2. square
3. slant
4. round
5. English

And the colors above (top to bottom):
1. natural
2. oxblood
3. British tan
4. cordovan
5. black
Plus olive green below:

Natural ages to British tan, and eventually close to cordovan with use over time. Here is my natural key chain after several months use, shown next to a British tan keychain:

Available buckles:
Standard roller (1.5") in brass (shown with cordovan) or nickel (shown with black)

Clipped corner (1.5") in (t-b)nickel, antique nickel, pewter, brass (semi-antiqued, same as 'antique brass')

Here's brass with British tan

And pewter with black

Quick release (1.5") in antique silver

Square roller (1", 1.25", and 1.5") in brass or nickel

Dual prong roller (1.5") in nickel only

Heel bar (1.5") in brass only

Stitching colors:
natural, dark brown, or black

Belt lengths:
All belts are custom length. To measure length, follow the guide below (this length will be to the third hole). OR, measure your actual waist under the belt loops of a pair of jeans you are wearing.

All belts are $85 Shipped First Class worldwide - Paypal only
Because these are all custom length, I cannot accept returns unless I made a mistake on the order. The increase in price is due to using considerably nicer leather than I started with, and I spend a lot more time making these belts by hand.

To order a belt, copy and paste the text below into a PM to me, and fill in the missing information:
Buckle style:
Buckle color:
Belt color:
Stitching color:
Paypal address:

Can't decide what color belt to get? I can make you two belts to go with a buckle, all held together with Chicago screws for easy swapping.
$130 shipped

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Card Cases

All card cases are made from 4-5oz veg tanned leather, and are available in the same colors as the belts. If you have any ideas for customizing to make any of this work better for you, just let me know. Card case 01 - $38 This simple card case can hold up to 6 credit cards easily, but will fit more with a little stretching. The flap closure is very secure, but easy to open for quick access. In natural and British tan:

In oxblood(x2), black, and natural

Here's a card case 01 that I sized up for someone to hold a French ID, shown next to my standard size card case 04. Anything can be adjusted for a custom use!


Card case 02 - $38 This card case was based off of an old wallet that I had seen in an antique shop. This case will hold up to 5 credit cards easily, but will fit a few more with some stretching. In natural:

And British tan:


Card case 03 - $32 This is the slimmest card case that I can make. It will hold five cards easily, but can stretch to hold a few more.


Card case 04 - $44 This is a new design that I recently started using for my own card case. It holds the usual 5-6 cards, and has a little cash pocket on the back. I use a circa 1910 5/8" pea coat button on it.

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Key chains

All key chains are made from 4-5oz veg tanned leather, and are available in the same colors as the belts, with brass or nickel hardware. If you have any ideas for customizing to make any of this work better for you, just let me know Key chain 01 - Standard $28 This key chain can hold one or two sets of keys, depending on how many D-rings you request. It comes standard with two D-rings.


Key chain 02 - Modified Standard $28 This keyhook is like the Standard, but has been modified to also hold a remote (must have a wide slot at the top) on the back. I have made this for VW, Honda, Nissan, and Opel keys/remotes so far. The key chain in the middle of this photo is my natural key chain after just a few months. That's how quickly the leather ages!


Key chain 03 - 'Biner hook $28 This keyhook has the bottom of the Modified Standard, but was designed for using with a carabiner. This keyhook can be modified to use the bottom of any keyhook.


Key chain 04 - Belt Loop $28 I made this keyhook to fit over a belt that is up to 1.75" wide. The most requested version is with a button stud.


But I can also make it with a snap, swivel hook (L), snap hook (M), or D-ring (R).


Key chain 05 - Shortie $24 How can I describe this keyhook other than to say that it's short? It's perfect for someone who just wants a set of keys hanging from their belt loop without the large leather flap.


The key chains will fit nicely inside your back pocket.

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Wearing my belt right now. Good stuff.
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Awesome - Signed up so i could order one of your belts. PMing you now.
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Bump for awesome seller who's incredibly easy to work with.
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pm sent
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Got my keychain from Zissou a day or two ago. It's absolutely incredible, highly recommend it. Thanks man.
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these cases and belts are amazing. they age perfectly, and are probably the best purchase i've made this year. thanks again z
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Just received my belt + card case. Both are awesome pieces (card case in particular) that are very reasonably priced. If you have any reservations about kopping, I suggest you take everyone else's advice and buy from Mark.
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Ever thought of making a sunglass pouch or phone pouch (particularly for an iPhone)?
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how the oxblood will turn out to be when it age?
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does this come in black? and can you combine the design of the top with this one?
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bump for a quality product
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