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those jeans look RILL good holy grail-ish
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wow those are great. I love breaking stuff in, but Samurais are just too big a commitment i think. Maybe if i work construction or something in the future.
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Originally Posted by Bona Drag

Speaking of cmf: dude drives me f***ing beserk with his bargain/rarity-hunting skillz; where in god's name did you find the raw Helmut Langs?

ebay.... they looked to be a lighter shade of blue than normal raw jeans, but they were raw... got them for somthing like 50$ shipped from england.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy
Dude, if you want to break in Samurais in less than say, a year, you have to backburner ever other pair of jeans in your rotation, or be Cheapmutha. Those things are supertough and hold dye like crazy.

Even in this SF cheap's the heavy favorite on the that Samurai contest.

You people DO know that his jeans got shipped back, right?

Stay tuned for further developments

Oh, and just to get back on topic:

Lee 101z limited edition (painted label)
Levi Engineered jeans (buckle back)
Levi 527s
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RRL Slim Bootfit
ES Fulton
5EP Straight
Corpus Fine Straight
AG former-Fillmores (straightened the hem)
Nudie former-Flare Glenns (straghtened the hem)
Fake Levis 1966 repros (no clue where they were made)
GAP 1969 selvedge (Italian/designed by AG)
Citizens of Humanity Jaggers (yeah, so flame me)

various others also occasionlly wind into the mix
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RRVI 6 days a week
RRDS 1 day a week
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rotating between Jr nikki sixx (10 months) or a pair of cheap gap skinny everyday, vintage post redline 501s once in a while, h&m sliqs (about a year) to skate or bum around in.
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Bootcut Olas.

All day, every day.

Only going on three months, though.
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APC-Cure-I was disapointed with these after the first wash, I wish I hadn't cleaned them at the time. Colors not fading incredibly, and not much action in terms of whiskering etc.. but the the fit is on point.

Acne Max Cash-OD Black. Just recieved second wash, probably my favorite jean right now (Just about justifying the retail price $$$$$$$$$).

Rogans- Back hem's onto 3rd patching.4 years old now and going strong. People talk about weak quality!, not these!.

Dior-Pink Pigment Coat. Difficult to keep clean, but different to anything else out there. Cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Hopefully I can flip them on Ebay later.
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Mmmm I feel the need to bump this since it was so helpful for me to get an idea of what jeans people are wearing these days. I'm wearing... Levi's 514 Slim Straight Levi's 505 Regular Fit Some pair of uniqlo jeans Gap selvedge 1969 and hopefully APC NS soon Yeah..the NS will be my first pair of expensive jeans hehehe
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